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Hindu Leader Hacked to Death in Chennai

Hindu leader hacked to death in Chennai;
riots and persecution result

இந்து முன்னணி பிரமுகர் வெட்டிக் கொலை: சென்னையில் பஸ் கண்ணாடிகள் உடைப்பு, சாலை மறியல்
(Originally this was posted in Tamil)

 A prominent Hindu leader, Suresh Kumar, was hacked to death Wednesday.​


​As a result of his death, Hindus rioted causing material damage and attacking many others including Christians of the Apostolic Mission Church. Those injured during the riots have been admitted to a private hospital.One of them died without treatment effect. Meanwhile, Hindu activists are​ demanding the arrest of those responsible for the murder.


​Police investigation points to more than 8 people involved in this murder. Christians and Muslims have condemned the murder and the attack on the Apostolic Mission Church.  Police were deployed to quell the rioting, direct traffic and to prevent more violent incidents.
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