Update on the Ministry in India : August 2015


Rajan Family - August 2015

Satanic opposition to the ministry in India is running in high gear. Recently, a student was caught cheating on an exam in the Technical College where Brother Paul works and where he is the Department Head. Paul offered to accept responsibility for this violation by resigning his position. In God’s marvelous providence, the officials investigating told him that was not necessary. However, these kinds of disruptions remove valuable time for the ministry. Please pray for Paul and his family. Gilbert is now working as an M.D. in a hospital in Vellore. He is seeking to gain experience before launching a medical ministry. Meshach is making good progress in the medical preparatory school he is attending. Pray for him as he desires to join Gilbert in the future medical ministry.

A second prayer request involves the children in Torbay house. More government regulations are being issued requiring more efforts to satisfy the new laws. This is causing more work and requiring more money. Pray that the Lord will continue to grant wisdom and the resources necessary to meet these new demands.

There are positive things happening also. Jesus is indeed at work building His church. One Hindu man in the town of Kandiyaperri sent his oldest son to Torbay House for education and discipline. He was so impressed by the change that he has seen in his son that he began to talk to Brother Paul about the change that he has seen. This opened the door for the Gospel and the man has been attending the outreach to children in Kandiyaperri. Now, he is also sending his younger son to Torbay House. Pray for this man and his entire family to be saved and added to the church. Pray also for the other parents who are attending the outreach to children in Kandiyaperri.

Praise the Lord for many who have already responded to the Macedonia 120 challenge! We have been encouraged by your response! If you are not participating, but want to, mark your gift “M120” and give it through your local church or send it to:
CGBCI Foreign Missions
P.O. Box 217
Grimes, IA  50111

For more information: www.insightintoindia.wordpress.com

If you would like to download the bulletin insert version of this update, please click on the link  below.
August 2015 India Update Bulletin Insert

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