Just in…Konnect with the Kids 2015


Konnect with the Kids is a program to give a gift or needed items to orphans, foster care & boarding school children in India who are associated with the church planting ministries.  The foster care ministry is a great opportunity to share the gospel with children in India.  All children are taught the Bible every day.  Their parents also hear the gospel when they come to visit their children.  We know of at least one mother who believed after hearing the gospel at the church services when she would come to visit her child.  The child you sign-up for is a specific child you can pray for, but any money/gifts you send will be split evenly between all the children.  We ask that you don’t send anything that can’t be shared.

When you sign-up you are only committing to 3 gifts throughout the next year. (See the transfer schedule below)  This is NOT a monthly support fee, this money goes to help buy a few “extra” things throughout the year.

We are going to send money to buy gifts/needed items for the children 3 times in the next year. CGBCI Foreign Missions only transfers funds toIndia once a quarter to avoid multiple bank charges.  In order for the money for the gifts to arrive in India before the needed time we have to transfer it quite a bit in advance.  Below is the transfer schedule for each of the gifts. You are welcome to pay for all 3 gifts at the same time or spread it out over the next year.

  1. Christmas gift ($20 Suggested Donation) – September 18th, 2015
  2. Clothing ($20 Suggested Donation) – December 18th, 2015
  3. School supplies and uniform ($35 Suggested Donation) – March 18th, 2016

    Please have your check mailed by the dates listed above. Make your check payable to: Grace Brethren Church and send it to:
    CGBCI Foreign Missions
    P.O. Box 217
    Grimes, IA 50111

If you have any questions, contact Pastor Ike Graham or Joy Miller.
You can call 330-683-3526 or e-mail OrrvilleGrace@gmail.com

If you would like a specific child that you have had in the past, please contact Joy Miller ASAP so she can save that’s child’s picture for you.

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Click here, to see the complete list of children.

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2 thoughts on “Just in…Konnect with the Kids 2015

  1. Dan Pierce


    I don’t think I saw Sathish Subbah in the pictures. Is he still at the home?


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