Grace’s Reflections on India

I could definitely tell people were praying for us!!!  I was amazed at how the Lord enabled me to jump right in and join in every activity!  It was a blessing and made the trip very enjoyable!

41     One of my highlights was participating in three-fold communion.  Normally, in India, we would sit in chairs during the love feast and eat separately and even have different food than everyone else. But for this communion, we asked Paul if we could do everything with them, like they do, since we are all the same in Christ.  He said we could do it and it was a blessing not only for us, but I could tell that the ladies were also surprised and encouraged that we were doing everything with them and like them.  When we did feet-washing, our feet wereactually dirty, so the water was too.  But they also got immediately dirty again because the floor was dirty.  My first thought was, “What was the point of that?” but then I thought about how that it is the same in our spiritual lives; we ask for forgiveness and are cleansed, and then we turn around and sin, getting dirty again.

I enjoyed the Bible conference the first week, because then, when we visited other churches, there were some people whom we had already met at the conference!  It was great to experience the bond we can have with other believers even in a different culture!

42     I had a hard time learning the children’s names, just because most of them are so different from the names we have.  They didn’t care, however, if we called them the wrong name. They were just glad we were trying.  It was a lot of fun teaching the children at the orphanages through an interpreter and just interacting with them, playing games, and doing crafts since it didn’t require much talking and they understood such little English.  They loved getting their pictures taken with us and then looking at them.

There are many stories I could tell about shopping, traffic, the weather, and animals.  It was a great learning experience and an excellent trip.

I would encourage anyone to go visit and encourage our Brethren if the opportunity arises!


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