Update on the Ministry in India : May 2015

Note: Update send from India on May 12th

CGBCIndia Conference:

The 2015 Conference of the Conservative Grace Brethren Churches of India is history now. Attendance was 90 which included about 40 pastors and church planters. Some of them are new men who have come to discuss joining CGBCIndia. Pastor Ike Graham and Joshua Steiner instructed the believers through the entire book of the Revelation.

ConferenceINDIA 2015

It has been heart-wrenching to hear the reports of greater persecution and government opposition to Christians. It is even more disheartening to hear of socalled “pastors” causing problems for the Brethren and even dividing churches. Brother David Hanu told us that Hindus attacked the Brethren in Amkoteguda, Odisha and beat them. They warned them not to return or meet again. As a result, the Brethren there are afraid and do not want to continue meeting. Please pray that the Lord will strengthen his people in the midst of stiff opposition.

On the positive side, Brother Simon Senon is with us. He wants to join CGBCIndia and reach tribal groups in the State of Jharhand. On Sunday, May 3rd, we visited an independent house church of tribal believers in the mountains of Coimbatore. The draw of white people from the U.S. brought a number of unbelievers and Pastor Ike Graham had the opportunity to preach the Gospel to them. There are 2 house churches there which want to join with us. This would expand the ministry in Coimbatore. Other opportunities are opening up so please pray for all the opportunities and pray about the opposition.

We also had strategy meetings with the men to discuss how they can be self-supporting. Financial support will begin to be scaled back beginning in 2017 over a 5 year period. Brother Paul is a good business man and he asked many hard questions regarding the viability of some of the ideas presented. This caused some tension in the meeting, but the Lord relieved the tension through Pastor Ike. His chair collapsed and he went sprawling onto the floor. Joshua Steiner did the reenactment of in this picture.

Chair Story

We appreciate your prayers and will have more to share at Conference in July. In the
meantime, check out our experience at this web site: www.insightintoindia.wordpress.com

If you would like to download the bulletin insert version of this update, please click on the link  below.
May 2015 India Update Bulletin Insert

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