Note from Grace : May 4, 2015

Note from Grace:

Today we three, Joshua, Joy and I went shopping/sight-seeing on our own. We even walked across the road safely, a few times and it isn’t too bad 🙂 I still would not want to drive in the traffic though 🙂

The honking horns of the vehicles is definitely louder outside when you are walking than inside or riding in a car 🙂
You can hear the honking at night too, but it isn’t nearly as much and doesn’t keep me awake 🙂

We bought enough plantains (bananas) for each of us to have 6-1/2! There are leftovers and Joshua will probably help us all out 🙂

I can definitely tell people are praying! I have been able to jump right in with everything and it has been awesome!!! Thank you so much for your prayers!!!

Grace Steiner



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One thought on “Note from Grace : May 4, 2015

  1. Jessica Harmon

    Jessie Harmon from Mount Vernon here. Not very techno savvy and not on Facebook but am following the best I can. You are all on my mind and in my prayers. Grace’s smile was a beautiful testimony to God’s traveling mercies….. And youth:) Will continue praying. Love in Christ!!!

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