Update from India : 5-4-15


On Saturday we arrived in Coimbatore and where met by the Rajans at the airport. They took us to our hotel so we could get settled before they came back to take us to supper in the evening. We went to a very good Chinese restaurant! After supper we came back to the hotel and Pastor Ike and Paul talked about the schedule and the written plan for the future, while the rest of us talked and laughed quite a bit.

Sunday morning we got up and headed to Agape Home for church. Joshua preached about conflict and how to have peace with all men. After we ate lunch there we loaded up into the car for the very windy, bumping, hilly 2.5 hour drive to a remote mountain village where we visited a house church. The 3 of us in the back were looking pretty green by the time we got there. ( there are some funny stories about this. 🙂

When we arrived we walked about 1/4 of a mile into the village and found a house full of people worshiping the Lord. (There where 44 people in this 12×12 room which is the home of one of the pastors.)

Pastor Ike preached a great gospel message with about 2 seconds warning from Brother Paul 🙂 par for the course in India 🙂 be watching for a video of the singing in the facebook page.

After the service we made the long windy trek back to the city and went to supper. After we got back to the hotel we had a fun time getting to skype with family and quite a few people from church.

Today we will be moving to Agape Home so our internet will be very limited. Thank you so much for the prayers!! I can definitely tell people have been praying!

Joy for the 2015 India Team


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