Update on the Ministry in India : July 2014


If you missed the video presentation on the church in Cholapuram and how it was started, you can watch it below:

Brother David Selvaraj and his family (Persiyal his wife and Ziegan, his son) are the church planters in Cholapuram. Pray for them.

David C



Thanks to many who have been praying for the orphanage situation. The girls have been transported to Torbay House in the south. This is an orphanage of CGBCIndia and now it will be the girls’ orphanage. The other orphanage in Coimbatore, Agape Home, will now be the orphanage for only the boys. This is quite a logistical inconvenience for Brother Paul and Sister, Sarah, but they are making it work under God’s gracious providential care.



In June, a prominent Hindu leader was murdered. Part of the fallout was an attempt to kill a Christian pastor in Chennai. This has been on TV in India and you can read more about it on the “insight into India” web site listed below.  The mob of Hindus tried to drag the pastor from his car and murder him. However, the believers placed themselves between the attackers and the pastor. Many were injured and hospitalized, but the Pastor was not killed.  Pray that the Lord will strengthen our Brethren against increasing persecution and will work through persecution to bring many more people to Himself.


This is a picture of the Pastor’s car. They broke the side windows and tried to drag him out. They also broke the windshield. The believers formed a human shield for the pastor to protect him.

pastor's car

Since 2007, we have been involved in helping to plant 30 churches in India. The believers care for about 70 children who only have one parent or no parents. Thank you for your prayers and financial support.


Please send financial support to:

CGBCI Foreign Missions
P.O. Box 217
Grimes, IA  50111

If you would like to download the bulletin insert version of this update, please click on the link  below.
July 2014 India Update

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