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“Agonizdzo” | by Raymond & Julienne Olinga

The theme of the 2008 CGBCI Conference was Striving to Win based on the greek word “Agonidzo.”

Raymond & Julienne Olinga, native missionaries to Cameroon, Africa where present at the conference and wrote this song to share with everyone.

Written & Performed by Raymond & Julienne Olinga

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10/10/10/10 Foreign Missions Presentation

Hope you enjoy this Foreign Missions Presentation from the past.

Presented on CGBCI Conference Foreign Mission Night in 2004.

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Updates on the Ministry in India :: March 2014


Odisha - March Update

These pictures are a way of saying “Thank you” to those who made contributions toward purchasing Bibles for the believers and for outreach in Odisha.  Above is a group in one of the house churches who received the gift of Bibles and they also wish to say “Thank you.”  During the Christmas season, the believers also distributed sarees (Indian dresses) to many in need as you can see from the picture.  In addition, some churches received mats to sit on during the worship service.  They had been sitting on the dirt floors.  Pray that the Lord will use all these means of outreach to continue to call people to Himself, save them and add them to the church in Odisha.

Pray also that the Lord will continue to bless the church planting leaders…

  • Peter and Pratap Sipka in Golamunda
  • Nehemiah Bardhan in Semala
  • Joseph Surya in Umerkote

These men continually feel the pressure of society trying to make them stop evangelizing and also trying to halt the planting of Christian churches.  In addition, they are challenged with developing the church planting team; caring for their own families and maintaining their individual walk with the Lord.  Probably, you know their struggle as you face similar challenges.  Consequently, you know well how to pray for them.

Another request from Brother Paul is to pray for the political elections in Tamil Nadu this year.  In the event that God would allow a Hindu Nationalist or even a person sympathetic to their desires to come to office, it could mean greater persecution of Christians.  God will raise up the person He chooses (Daniel 4:17) so pray especially for the believers to understand this and to act in accord with God’s plan to utilize all these circumstances to bring people to Himself.

Odisha2 - March Update

Pastor Steve Burns has informed me that we are falling short of our financial support goal for this next quarter for the church planters in India. Ask the Lord what He would have you to do.


Please send financial support to:

CGBCI Foreign Missions
P.O. Box 217
Grimes, IA  50111




If you would like to download the bulletin insert version of this update, please click on the link  below.

March 2014 India Update

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