Uganda Trip Update :: 8-22-13

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Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Greetings in the Lord Jesus Christ.  We have returned to Kampala, Uganda from our three day trip to Kitale, Kenya.  We were able to meet with pastor Gilbert Amaswache and members of his church as well as four leaders from other churches who were interested in knowing more about the CGBCI and the African CGBCI fellowship.  We were able to answer many questions about what we believe and also about the structure of our current sister fellowships and what is required to be a member of the African fellowship.  Pastor Roger and I taught for many hours and then we were able to show part of the first lesson of Gen. 1-11 by Dr. Whitcomb and talk about the practorium ministry that we offer to help train future leaders of Conservative Grace Brethren churches. The interest was genuine and encouraging please pray for these pastors and church leaders who are contemplating becoming part of the African fellowship (currently Cameroon and Uganda) of churches.  Pray for Phanuel, James, Armstrong, Geoffrey, Job and Ezekiel for wisdom in making their decisions.

Also pray for Stephen Adundo who has been our driver since we arrived in Uganda.  He is the leader of a parachurch evangelistic/discipleship ministry to university students in Uganda (he is the one who has helped us get CGBCI recognition in Uganda).  He has asked many theological questions and was baptized by trine immersion last Saturday (his father is a well known Southern Baptist Pastor in Jinja, Uganda).  He is now contemplating whether he should become involved with the CGBCI and  local church ministry rather than a parachurch ministry.  Pray that he will make the correct decision.

Just a note about how the Lord worked on our trip to Kitale. It was a challenge.

We were leaving at 6:20 AM when Stephen turned off the car to load our luggage and it would not restart.  We prayed and then decided to push the car down the lane and then down the road.  You should have seen three Americans and Pastor Roger pushing a car down an African dirt road.  When we reached a major intersection we asked some Africans for help and two men stopped one who was on foot and one in a car.  The man in the car said he had jumper cables.  Turned out he had two #12 wires about 5 feet long.  They worked to my amazement!  We started the car and went about another 15 minutes on the major road and the car stopped again in the middle of the road.  We all got out and pushed again.  And prayed again.  We could not figure out what was wrong.  We were blocking the entrance to a truck delivery business and the men working there were very angry that we had pushed the car there, but we had no other place to go, finally they insisted that we push the car down the road and Stephen got in and tried to start it and it did!  We decided to drive to a garage in Kampala and it turned out there was a loose wire on the alternator.  Once that was tightened we were on our way  2 hours late and now in rush hour traffic in a city of 2 1/2 million.

When we finally arrived at the border of Uganda and Kenya we had to check out of Uganda, everything was going well until the border guard told us that they would not let Pastor Roger into Kenya because he had a passport from Burkina Faso and that we would have to drive the four hours back to Kampala and go to the Kenya embassy and get a visa for him.  We went out in the car and prayed and decided to go back in and talk to another Ugandan border guard and see if what we were told was true.  The second Ugandan border guard told us the same thing and he was adamant that the border guards in Kenya would not give Pastor Roger his visa and that he did not want to stamp an exit visa from Uganda which was needed to get into Kenya.  We persuaded him to go ahead and stamp the exit visa.  So we got into the car and prayed.  Pastor Roger said he would just take a bus and go back by himself to Kampala.  We all decided that we needed to stay together as a team and that we would pray that the Lord would let us all into Kenya.  So we drove to the Kenyan border and went to the immigration window and I told the immigration officer that I had an international team with me and that we all needed to go to Kitale and he just handed me four visa forms and said fill these out.  We did and we all went through with no problem!!!  The Lord was gracious and answered our prayers.  We wanted to say it was a miracle but Dr. Whitcomb has had too much of an influence on us and so we said it was a second class miracle 🙂  But then we were told by the border guards that our vehicle needed insurance and an inspection before we could continue.  So we prayed again and after about an hour the inspector was finished and was expecting a bribe to let us go – we told him we would not give him any money other than the official inspection price and he finally smiled and said OK we could go.  Three hours at the border trying to get in but finally we succeeded with the Lord’s help.  We say TIA  – This Is Africa!  To make a long story short our six hour trip took twelve hours we finally arrived in Kitale where we met Pastor Gilbert at about 6:30 PM.  Exhausted but joyful!

Thanks for all your prayers they are much needed!!

God bless,



Editor’s Note:  The team has left Uganda and are heading to Cameroon.  Please pray that they will have safe travels.

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One thought on “Uganda Trip Update :: 8-22-13

  1. Taal Simon

    I thank God for the guidance and for having proved that He is the one who sends you to Africa
    Lord do more for Your goodness sake

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