Uganda Trip Update :: 8-17-13

Peter & ChrisPeter & Pastor Christopher

Hello everyone!

I would like to thank you all for praying for my return journey…I arrived at about 5pm (Saturday, August 17th) at the Detroit airport. Because of customs checks, my luggage missed that flight, but it was on the next one which came an hour later. The only casualty of the trip was a large soapstone bowl that was broken…but everything else made it safe and sound, praise the Lord!

Please pray for Brother Craig though…I talked with Pastor Keith this afternoon and learned that Craig had visited two different hospitals on suspicions of a possible blood clot in his calf which was causing him pain. After running various tests and scans, however, the doctors said that it was not a clot and they could not find anything wrong. Pray that the pain goes away, and that it does not bother him. It is possible that it was due to low potassium levels, so he is going to try eating more potassium rich foods to see if that helps. But please keep him in your prayers. thanks, and God bless!

Peter Stergios

Editors Note:  Please keep the rest of the team in
your prayers as they finish out their trip.

1187139_562735730457464_214758684_n 1185728_562731997124504_1612291521_n

To see pictures posted by Pastor Christopher on the Grace Brethren Uganda Facebook page, click here.

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