Uganda Trip Update :: 8-14-13

Uganda Team 2013 - cropped

Hello Everyone! This will probably be my last update from Uganda (where has the time gone??) There are several awesome developments that God has been working to perform over the last few days that I want to share with you! The first is the official recognition of the church here in Uganda! Over the last few days, we have been submitting many forms and official statements for approval by the church to the Ugandan government so that the church can receive an official charter of recognition. Usually, it is very hard to receive the necessary stamps of approval, and the process is many times drawn out with many hassles along the way. However, God has been working behind the scenes, and we have not had any issues at all, other than needing to change the name slightly to avoid being confused with another organization. There is only one more step to go in the approval process, and then wait 30 days for the official charter! Praise the Lord! The official name is the Grace Brethren Outreach Ministry of Uganda!
The other update that I want to share pertains to the opportunity that God has opened in Kenya. Pastor Gilbert, who was with us for the last 11 days, has set up a meeting for us with the other interested pastors for early next week, so the team will be traveling to Kenya for 3 days to talk with them about joining the fellowship also. Praise the Lord for this new open door! Pastor Gilbert has already expressed that he wants to join, regardless of what the other pastors decide. This has been a very fruitful trip, and we have seen God work in many incredible ways! We are praying for you all back home, and we hope that you will continue lifting us up in your prayers too!


If you would like to follow Peter on his facebook page “Peter Goes to Uganda” please click here.
He has already posted quite a few pictures and daily updates.

Trip Photo Albums (click on the links below to see pictures)

Preperation, travel & first day in Uganda
Second day in Uganda

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