Uganda Trip Update :: 8-8-13


Greetings, Brethren! I apologize for not posting for quite some time, but this is the first I have been online for several days. First, I would like to update you all on the status of Craig, who, as I mentioned in my last post, has been sick for the past few days. Yesterday, we took him to the hospital to get checked out, and as it turns out, he has some sort of infection. We were able to get him some medicine though, and he is feeling much better today! Praise the Lord! Please continue to pray for him, that God would give him strength and energy and for his continued healing!

Next, I would like to update you on the activities of the Practorium, where the students are making great progress in their classes! They have been very faithful in showing up, and each understands that it is a very serious and high calling to preach the Word of God. They are very studious, and seem to soak up the teaching. Pastor Roger from Cameroon has been going to the church to teach the people the points of the Statement of Faith each night, while Pastor Keith teaches the men the points of the Statement of Faith as well as a class on Hermeneutics. In the afternoon, we have been going over some specific issues with Pastor Gilbert from Kenya and Pastor Christopher from here in Kampala. We are continuously praising the Lord for His provision, and are amazed by how His hand has worked in preparing so many to receive our teaching…there is much work to be done in Africa, brethren! We must pray for the Lord to send more like Pastor Keith and myself and Craig and Daniel, who will teach this next generation of pastors to shepherd the flock here…they desperately need the sound teaching of the doctrine of Jesus Christ and His true Gospel! The flimsy teaching of the prosperity gospel simply is not the solid rock upon which someone can build their life upon!

Brothers and Sisters, we have been so blessed in the US! Praise the Lord for His hand of blessing. You never truly appreciate the little things until you see the contrast with the rest of the world. Unless I am very mistaken, none of your churches consist of a tarp spread over a few poles, with piles of trash just a few feet away with chickens and dogs rummaging about for scraps of things to eat. Well, that is the reality of the church here. But, even though they have that background in which to worship, they lift up praise to the Lord with joy in their hearts! Life is so much more than physical riches, and worship is so much more than the building that we worship in. True worship comes from the heart! So continue to pray for these dear brothers and sisters here in Uganda and around the world!

Blessings in Christ,

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He has already posted quite a few pictures and daily updates.

Trip Photo Albums (click on the links below to see pictures)

Preperation, travel & first day in Uganda
Second day in Uganda

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