Uganda Trip Update :: 8-5-13


UPDATE from Pastor Keith

My dear beloved brothers and sisters,

May the grace of the Lord be with you.  We are staying at the Maria Prian Mission House in Kampala, Uganda.  The city is bustling with people everyday (city of over 2 million).  The rainy season started the hour we arrived at the airport.  The believers are saying we brought the rains “There will be showers of blessing.”  We have been very busy everyday.  Monday- Thursday we have nine students who are studying Hermeneutics from 4-8 PM.  Last Friday, Pastor  Gilbert Gamaswasche from Kenya arrived to meet us in Kampala.  He took a bus 8 hours to get here and paid his own way.   He is a part of the Dunkard Brethren in Kenya.  He has been trine immersed and practices only three fold communion.  They are part of a small fellowship of six churches who have 12 leaders.  They are desperate to be trained theologically.  He found us on the CGBCI website and studied our statement of faith and agreed and also saw that we are training pastors in India and Africa and came to find us.  Amazing!  He will be staying with us for the next two weeks and Pastor Roger and I will be teaching him and Pastor Chris the statement of faith in the mornings and then Hermeneutics in the evenings along with the other men.

Pastor Gilbert said the 12 men in Kenya are committed to studying two days a week six hours a day but they are willing to take time out of their work for training, Who will go and train them?  Pray!Pastor Roger and Brother Daniel Burris are teaching the church the statement of faith from 4-8 PM Monday-Thursday and then on Friday we meet with the church 4-8 for Bible study and prayer.  That’s right they are coming five days a week four hours a day because we are here.  We had a wonderful worship service Sunday morning from 10:30AM – 2 PM and then had lunch together.  One lady in the church cooked all night to provide food for all 70 of us and there were leftovers.  We went back and rested from 3-4 and then back to the church for the evening service 5-7 PM.

They have a little plot of dirt in the city (probably 900 square feet) that they rent for $40 per month. They are surrounded by old mud buildings and have wood posts and a tarp that Pastor Roger bought them to throw over the posts.  It poured rain yesterday as I preached and the men had to keep pushing the tarp up to empty the rainwater.  We all huddled in the middle of the tent to keep from being soaked because they have no sides to their meeting place.   To give you a perspective of the cost,  Pastor Christopher is a baker he normally works 8 hours a day six days a week and makes $28 per week.If you would like to see pictures and keep up with the ministry here in Uganda you can go to Peter Stergios’ facebook page “Peter Goes to Uganda” he is trying to update every few days.  I will try and give you my perspective in e-mails as well.Well more to come later.

God bless,
Pastor Keith Merriman

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