Trip Update #14 – Benjamin


Last night we went to a Plymouth Brethren church about an hour’s drive, from where we are staying in Rajapalayam, to do an evangelistic outreach meeting.  There was a very good turnout.  I counted 65 people before Pastor Ike started preaching, but at the end of the message it looked like a few more people had slipped in during his message, so there were probably over 70.  Pastor Ike preached a very good message titled “Why We Need the Bible.”

After we got back to Rajapalayam, we went to a restaurant that we have been going to almost every day since we’ve been here called “Food Park Restaurant.” I ordered Gobi 65, a deep-fried cauliflower dish, and Joshua ordered Chicken 65 or deep-fried chicken (a very common dish in Indian restaurants).  The other 3 were served most of their food, while I was still waiting for my Gobi 65.  Joshua gave a little bit of his “chicken” to Pastor Ike and me, and we all 3 thought it was a little different than normal, but didn’t say anything.  After a little while the Chicken 65 arrived and we realized that Joshua had been eating my cauliflower dish, thinking it was his chicken.  After all, everything tastes a little bit like chicken, doesn’t it?  We had a good laugh about that.

246885_231336403547659_2613295_nThe 2011 India Team eating at the “Food Park”

This morning after breakfast we went to a waterfall called “Five Falls.”  It is really only one waterfall this time of year because the other 4 are dry.  On the way back this afternoon, we came upon a herd of water buffalo being herded along the side of the road (not an unusual sight in India).  As Paul started passing the herd, one water buffalo got spooked and decided to run to the other side of the road right in front of us.  Paul turned sharply and skidded to a stop just in time.  We were thankful God kept us safe.  Not only could it have damaged Paul’s car, but hitting it could have resulted in a very large fine.

Tonight (Saturday) we are going to an open-air outreach in Sankarankoil.  Please pray for Pastor Ike as he speaks.  Also be praying that God would work in the hearts of all those who have heard the gospel this week and that He would bring them to salvation.  Tomorrow we will be going to church in Cholapuram where David Selvaraj is the pastor.  It has been very interesting hearing the history of that church.

ChurchThe Cholapuram Church Building (picture taken in 2011)

The village of Cholapuram was completely closed to the gospel until they drilled a water well there.  One day Paul noticed a shelter in the village that he said “wasn’t fit for goats to live in” and found out that a widow was living there with her children.  God supplied the means for the Christians to build the widow a new home.  God has slowly opened the door as they have done different means of outreach in the village to help the people.  They helped tutor and feed some of the children after school every day.  They started a sewing class for the women.  And they were allowed to show a few Christian films in the village.  The widow, whose house they had rebuilt, donated part of her property to be used for the construction of a church.  One of the widow’s daughter, Kali, lives at the Agape orphanage and was baptized during conference, and her mother was one of the five baptized yesterday in a mountain stream.  It is amazing to see how God has worked in Cholapuram.


Click here to see more pictures from India.

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