Trip Update #13 – Joshua

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It is hard to believe that the time is coming to a close here in India. Only three more days and then we will be in the air heading for home. The time has flown right by.

Since I last wrote we visited another tribal group on Wednesday night. These people live in houses constructed for them by the government in an effort by the government to get them to move out of the mountains. The man that Paul and David talked to in the village informed us that there were 20 families living in that village, with at least another 20 families still living in the mountains. Paul later told us that there are other people who live further back in the mountains who only come out a few times a year to sell honey and other supplies. Paul and David asked the man if anyone had ever come to talk to his people about God. His response: “No.” Who will be the first to share with these people the truth about the only true God?

Village - small

On Thursday we spent the morning recording footage for a video that we want to put together about the amazing work that God is doing in Cholapurum. Hopefully you will all get to see that when it is completed.

Recording - small

In the evening we had a Gospel outreach in that village where David is ministering and pastoring the church. Pastor Ike preached a very good salvation message. According to my ruff counting there were about 30 people there. As I looked around I could see some other children who were within sight that were watching what was going on. As I observed the shabby clothes that they wore and the unkept hair, I was humbled once again with the great poverty that exists around me right now. However, the more I thought about it I realized that the much greater need that exists is the deep spiritual need that those children and millions of other people here in India have – the need of a Savior.


It was really neat after the service to hear the testimonies of the four people who were going to be baptized the next day.  I was surprised to learn that two of the women are the mothers of two of the girls who were baptized last Thursday at Agape Home (Maragathamani and Kali). It was so neat to listen to their testimonies and how God has worked in their life to bring them to the point of salvation.

This morning (Friday) we had a baptismal service at a river. There was a little bit of trouble finding a spot suitable. We were turned away from the planned location by some guards who told us that we could not go there. However the spot that we were then sent to worked out well; God is good! After the baptisms Benjamin preached a message on the importance of demonstrating Christian love to one another. There were 27 people there and at least 20 monkeys, which were quite distracting and even a little ferocious.

The plan for this evening is to go to a Plymouth Brethren Assembly about 40 kilometers from here, where Pastor Ike with preach. Pray that the contact with these people will go well, and that we can be an encouragement to them, as I know they will be to us.

Thanks again for all of your prayers. I look forward to sharing more stories with you all when I return.


Click here to see more pictures from India.

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