Trip Update #12 – Pastor Ike


Dear Brethren,

On behalf of Benjamin, Joshua and myself, I want to say “Thank you” for praying for us.  God’s hand is evident in the things we have been experiencing; especially safety in travel and good health in oppressive heat.  It was so exciting to baptize 3 of the Agape Home children on May 16th and then to see 2 of them share their testimony in front of about 100 people on May 22nd, of which about half were non-believers.


Vijaykumar had never heard of Jesus before meeting Paul Rajan and going to Agape Home.
At Agape Home, he heard the Gospel and eventually came to Christ.
On May 16, 2013, he was baptized by trine immersion.  Then, he shared his testimony on May 22, 2013
with about 100 people of whom about half are not believers. God is at work in India.

Peter Sipka told me that before they left for the CGBCIndia Conference, they baptized 15 in Golamunda, Odisha.  Nehemiah is preparing to baptize 6 new believers.

Today (Wednesday), we visited tribal people in the area near Rajapalayam.  We spent the entire morning talking to one family and enjoying palm nut fruit right from the nut of the palm tree.

palm nut fruit

Then, we later went to visit the forest people for whom the government built houses trying to get them to move out of the forest areas.  About half of them have, but they don’t sleep in the houses because they’re afraid that the roofs will fall in on them!  I said to Paul, “So they don’t trust the government, right?”  And he responded, “That’s right.”  To which I replied, “I can understand that.”  Paul said to the grandfather of the village, “Has anyone ever come here and talked to you about the One true and living God?”  The grandpa replied, “No, no one.”  Let that sink in.  Paul said that there are many villages where people have not yet heard about Jesus.

Please pray…

1. For the outreach in Cholapuram Thursday night.  We’re expecting about 30% of those who attend to be non-Christians.

2. For the message at the Plymouth Brethren Assembly on Friday night.  It is very humbling for me to think that they will considering joining us based on what I say.  Pray that it will be God speaking through me.  We will also be having a baptismal service on Friday morning.  The widow at Cholapuram will be one of 3 getting baptized.

3. For the outreach in Sankarankoil on Saturday night.  There will be many unbelievers there also.

4. For the message at Cholapuram on Sunday morning.


Pastor Ike

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