Trip Update #11 – Benjamin

Tribal2 - small

We went to a tribal area this morning (Wednesday).  Apparently they used to live out in the woods about 37 (?) years ago, but the government made a lot of the tribes move closer to the city because they didn’t want them hunting and destroying the natural resources.  They speak Tamil, and in my opinion, don’t live too much differently than many other Indians.  The housing might be a little more primitive, but a lot of other Indians live in primitive housing.

 Tribal1 - small

The schedule got changed a little.  We are not going to a Plymouth Brethren church tonight.  Instead we are going to another tribal area near the area where the baptisms will take place on Friday.  We have the afternoon free.  PI, Joshua, and I hunted around for a hardware store to find a nut and bolt to make the type of tripod using a water bottle.  We found a place and they gave a nut and bolt free of charge.

 Water Bottle - small

Tomorrow we will be in Cholapuram all day.  We are recording a video of David for next year conference explaining how the church got started there.  I haven’t heard the story, but it sounds like it will be interesting.  Then in the evening, there is some sort of meeting.

On Friday Pastor Ike will be baptizing a few people (3, I think) and he and I will both speak briefly (15-20 minutes each).  In the evening, we will be going to the Plymouth Brethren Church (the one that was on the schedule for tonight).


Click here to see a whole bunch of NEW pictures from India.
(The new pictures are at the end of the album)

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One thought on “Trip Update #11 – Benjamin

  1. Sharon Miller

    I thought the tripod was the invention of you three until I read the comments on the posted pictures. Still, it made me laugh. Hope it’s working for you! You are in our prayers.

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