Trip Update #10 – Joshua

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I want to begin by thanking each one of you for your prayers for us. I cannot tell you how much it means to us to know that people are praying for us.

Now I can officially say that I have ridden a train in India! The first ride was better than the second ride, because I was able to get more sleep. The trains are quite old, still left over from the British when they left in the 1940s.


We had good opportunities for ministry in Pondicherry. On Sunday night we went to an outreach Bible study where we sang and Pastor Ike preached. On Sunday morning we went to the church in Pondicherry and I had the privilege of speaking.  We were able to look around Pondicherry Sunday evening before we had to catch our train to take us down south.  We arrived in Mumbai around 5:15 am and then rode in Paul’s car down to Rajapalayam. We rested in the hotel before we went to Torbay house to spend the rest of the day with the children there.

When we pulled into the driveway at Torbay House I was very impressed to see all the improvements that they had made since we had been there last. They had painted the building and constructed some new ones. We had a lot of fun helping the kids to make a toy out of a button and string. We then played “go-go” with them [That is an Indian game of tag that is really fun!]. We also threw Frisbees with them until it became too dark to see. The kids were such a joy to be around!

Torbay House

This morning we went back to the Torbay house campus to the new school building that they had constructed.  We were able to hold the Youth Gospel Retreat in the new building. They were praying that 100 people would come, and I am pretty sure that God answered their prayers. I wasn’t able to get a definite count, but I am sure that there were over 90 people there. I was told that over half of those people are not saved. Pastor Ike and Benjamin had the opportunity to share their testimonies, which went well. I was given the opportunity to preach to them. By God’s grace and with His strength I was able to preach a salvation message from Acts 17:22-31, calling them to repentance and to trust in the only true God, who is Creator, Sovereign, and the Sustainer of Life. Please join me as I continue to pray that those people there would be saved before it is too late.

We have many plans for the next couple of days, including visiting a tribal people and more opportunities to speak in different venues. Pray that the Lord would continue to strengthen us and use us for His honor and glory.

I look forward to getting to share with each one of you more details when I return home Lord willing.

Thanks for your prayers.

Click here to see pictures from India.

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One thought on “Trip Update #10 – Joshua

  1. Sharon Miller

    It’s so nice to get the updates! We continue to pray for each of you and for effective ministry!

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