Trip Update #8 – Joshua

Group - smallWe have completed three days of the National conference here in India. Only one more day remains. The time has flown right by and I am not ready for it to be done. I have enjoyed the opportunity to hear the different men from Tamil Nadu and Odisha speak. It has been an experience for me having to listen through an interpreter (it definitely makes me look forward to heaven where there will be no language barrier!).  I have enjoyed getting to talk to some of the men and getting to know them better. I really appreciate and admire the heart that they have for the Lord and their desire to serve Him. As we met with the men and heard the updates of their ministries I was impressed with their dedication midst many trials and even persecution.

Teaching - small

Pastor Ike has done a good job speaking to the men on the topic of Christian character and integrity. Today he shared a very good message on the use of money. Benjamin and I have both had the opportunity to share our testimony in an extended format. I think that I talked for more than 20 minutes. We have continued to have opportunities to interact with the children. They call us “uncle” and are always asking us to do something with them, whether it is singing with them, playing a game with them, or just asking us to tell them what their name is to test our memory.

Today we after the sessions were over we had a baptismal service in which Pastor Ike baptized 9 people. Four of them were from Odisha and five of them were from Tamil Nadu. Three of those were children who live at Agape Home. It was special to watch them be baptized because I specifically remember all three of them from the last time I was here two years ago. I praise God for the commitment that they have made and trust that they will continue to seek the Lord and serve Him for the rest of their lives.

Tomorrow (Friday) Paul will speak in the morning and then we will have threefold communion. That is always a very special time as we have the opportunity to demonstrate our love to one another as we wash one another’s feet and then celebrate together the great love that God demonstrated to us when He sent His Son to die for our sins.

In the afternoon the plan is to spend one more session with just the children where we will teach the final color of the wordless book and then do a craft with them. The craft is a simple toy that I know that they will enjoy. The plan is then to pack everything up and be ready to leave at 10:00 pm to catch a train which will take us to Pondicherry.

I thank you all for your prayers for us. By the grace of God all of us are still healthy and have had no problems since we have been here in India. I would ask that you would continue to pray that we would have safety as we travel many miles in the next week. Pray also that we will have effective ministry as we have numerous opportunities. I would appreciate your prayers for Sunday when I will be preaching the message in the morning. Also on Tuesday we will be going to a Youth Outreach where I will once again have the privilege of preaching. Pray for me that God would work through me and that His Spirit would be at work in the hearts of those who are listening.

Thank you once again for all of your prayers. I cannot tell you how much that means to me to know that you are all praying for us.


Click here to see a whole bunch of pictures from India.

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