Trip Update #5 – Pastor Ike

Good morning,

We’re in the Kuala Lampur airport and it’s 8:00pm (exactly 12 hours ahead of Ohio).  We had a very profitable time with Dr. Thang and his son-in-law, Dr. Kim.  When we went to see the tribal people, we took a bus from Yangon that you ride all night.


When we got to the end of the line, we were not where we were supposed to be.  So I called “Jimmy” and he said, “Where are you?”  I said, “I don’t know; let me ask.  OK, we’re in Taung Ji.”  He said, “Why?”  I said, “I don’t know.”  Apparently, the bus driver was new and didn’t stop in Kalaw where we were supposed to get off.  So after riding the bus all night, we waited until Jimmy’s driver came to get us.

Benjamin Sign

Pastor Ike had given Benjamin’s name to the driver who came to pick them up
and this is how the driver wrote Benjamin’s name. 🙂

Well, it was already 8:00am by this time, Wednesday morning, and Joshua wasn’t feeling well because of all the bumps and curves on the road and nothing to eat.  So I tried to explain to the restaurant owner next to the bus stand that we wanted some rice.  They didn’t understand.  Then, some Buddhist monks (young ones) came to get rice and stood in line while the restaurant girl dished it out to them. So I got in line with the Buddhist monks.  However, they ran out before they got to me.  Benjamin was laughing so much that he forgot to take a picture.  After that, I finally got through to them that we wanted some rice and Joshua got some.

Then, we ride in the car another 2 hours and get to Kalaw about 10:00am.  But now, it’s getting hot.  Jimmy says, “What do you want to do?”  I said, “We came to see the tribal people, so let’s go.”  That’s when we hiked up into the mountains 2 hours to see the Pelaung tribe.


We visited with them (I gave away all my peanuts) and then hiked back to town another 2 hours.  Remember, this is after riding the bus all night.  So…we get back into town and it is starting to sprinkle.  We find out there are no towels at the Myanmar Inn.  So we go to buy towels and walk to a restaurant for supper and the rain starts pouring.  As we’re finishing supper, the power goes out.  But…we made it back, got our towels and had supper before the rain came and the power went out.

The next morning, we weren’t supposed to get breakfast, but the guy at the Inn gave us Chappatti and some vegetable mix to go with it.


We then left about 7:30am to go to lakeInle and visit the Inle tribe.  We had to take a boat to the other side of the lake to see the Inle tribe.


I asked Jimmy how many of them are Christians.

He said, “None.  Not one.”  I asked him how many of them there are.

He said, “200,000.”

Then he said, “They need another Judson to go to them.”

I will never forget that. – Pastor Ike


Click here to see more pictures from Myanmar.
The new pictures are at the end of the album.

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