Trip Update #4 – Joshua

Thank you for all your prayers! Our trip up north to see some of the tribes went well and we have made it safely back to Yangon.  We were all able to sleep quite well and the seats were actually quite comfortable. The bus trip up went well, except for one detail. Since we cannot speak Burmese, we did not know when we were supposed to get off of the bus. We all were under the impression that the last stop that the bus made was our stop.  When we arrived we eventually figured out (since no one there spoke English very well) that our stop was at least an hour and half back from where we had come. Eventually we were able to get into contact with the man who we were supposed to meet and he informed us that he would send a taxi down to pick us up. We ended up losing about 5 hours, but God was still working out all of the details.

Arriving back in the town that we had driven through 5 hours ago we were able to meet our guide who went by Jimmy. He took us to the guest house where we would be staying and then introduced us to his son. His son’s name was “El” and he would be our guide on our “trek” (their word for hike) to visit a tribal village. We left a little after 11am and walked for about 2 hours when we then stopped for lunch. We ate at a restaurant that was on the top of a mountain. It was actually an Indian restaurant that served chapati that we all thoroughly enjoyed. We then walked a little while longer until we arrived at the village. We were able to communicate with the people through El who spoke to them in Burmese. We were invited into one of their houses and served some green tea. The grandfather of the house sat with us and we were able to ask him questions through El. The people in this tribe have heard of the gospel and have a missionary that comes and preaches to them. I don’t think that this family was saved because they still had an altar in their house with gods on their shelf.

After looking around we started the walk back. We arrived a little after 5pm tired and hungry. We went to buy towels, since we did not pack any, and then went to a restaurant that was recommended to us. Once we sat down the rain came and it poured! We were thankful that God timed that rain so well!

That night we all slept very well. Thursday morning (Wednesday Evening Eastern Standard Time) we woke up and met Jimmy who took us to Inle Lake. On this lake lives 20,000 people who have built houses along the lake. They fish and tend floating gardens where they grow tomatoes and other vegetables. We rented a boat that took us across the lake and into a couple of the villages. It was so interesting going through the streets of the village that were like canals, water was everywhere. We were able to meet some of these people as well. My understanding is that none of them are believers. Jimmy told us that they need another ‘Judson’ to witness to them. Unfortunately we couldn’t stay to long because we had to catch our flight back to Yangon, which went well without any problems.

We are now back at our first hotel getting ready to go find something to eat for supper. Thank you once again for all of your prayers. Continue to pray that God will give us safety as we leave tomorrow for India!

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