Trip Update #3 – Joshua

The team left this morning at 7:30am (Eastern Standard Time) to ride all night on a bus to visit the tribal groups in Northern Myanmar.  Please pray that they will have a safe trip and that they will be able to sleep on the bus.


E-mail from Joshua

We have been learning more and more about Myanmar the longer we have been here. Myanmar is composed of seven major tribes. These seven major tribes are then divided up into many ‘sub-tribes’ (for lack of a better word).  The two men that have been our contacts here in Myanmar: Dr. Thang and Dr. Kim are both from the Chin state. Evidently the gospel was first brought to those people in 1910, and major revival broke out. They use to be head hunters, but as Dr. Thang says he is now a soul hunter (or as Jesus said: a fisher of men). As a result the Chin tribe has the largest percentage of Christians of any of the other tribes, but it is not nearly the biggest tribe, and so there is still a great need for the gospel to go forth. It is estimated that only 4% of the population is Christian and that number would include Roman Catholics as well. Join me in continuing to pray for the many lost people in Myanmar.


Everything was worked out this morning to visit the tribes in the North. The bus leaves at 6pm (7:30AM Eastern Standard Time) today and will arrive up north at 4am Lord willing. We will be able to visit tribes all day Wednesday and half day on Thursday. We then have plane tickets to fly back down on Thursday afternoon at 3:30 pm.


Pray for safety in traveling and that we would be able to sleep a little bit on the bus. Pray that we would be able to observe all that we can and that the Lord would continue to give us wisdom and discernment as we see and observe the many opportunities for ministry.  Lord willing I will be able to send you another update when we return Thursday night.


Thanks so much for everyone’s prayers! We really appreciate it.
Joshua and the Myanmar/India Team


Click here to see more pictures from Myanmar.

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