Trip Update #2 – Pastor Ike

Myanmar Church

Thank you for praying for us.  Already, we have seen a number of answers to prayer for which we praise God.  You prayed that we would witness to people.  I sat by “Mary” from Frankfurt on the plane and had the opportunity to share the Gospel with her.  I left her with “Life’s Most Important Question” tract and the question, “Is there any reason that you wouldn’t want to receive Jesus now?”  She told me that as she gets older, she thinks more about death and whether there is a heaven and hell.

At Frankfurt airport, we took a tour of the city and our guide was “Willie” (maybe Wilhelm).  He too also told me that in these uncertain times, he wonders what will happen and has been watching Billy Graham on TV.  I had the chance to talk to him about being born again and we left him with a tract.

On the tour, we met Mageed and Monica.  Mageed told me that he has always been a Christian.  I told him that I wasn’t always a Christian so he asked, “Well then, how did you become a Christian?”  Thanks for asking!  So I shared my testimony and the Gospel.  He said afterwards that he has been born again.  When I asked Monica, she too said that she is a believer and asked me what we are doing.  On the way back to the airport, I spoke to Yosel from Croatia (originally).  Again, I got to share my testimony and gave Yosel LMIQ tract to read as he dropped us off at the airport.
The Lord was gracious to us again as we uneventfully made it through a long flight to Bangkok and then on to Myanmar.  Brother Neng Thang (pronounced “Tang”) and his son-in-law, brother Kim, met us at the airport.  Both of them are graduates of Bob Jones University and have doctorate degrees.  Dr. Thang was saved out of a Buddhist and Catholic background.  It is Sunday morning here about 5:00am (6:30pm Saturday in Ohio) and I am getting ready to preach in 2 different churches today.  Joshua and Benjamin may be giving special music playing and singing “I Sing the Mighty Power of God.”  They may be sharing their testimonies as well.
Starting Monday, we will be going to different easy access tribal locations where the government allows pictures, video, etc.  Please pray that our ministry will be effective and that the information we gather will be helpful in making future church planting decisions in the will of God.
Thank you for praying for our health too.  Even though temperatures are near or over 100 degrees, all 3 of us are doing well so far.
Pastor Ike
Click here to see more pictures from Myanmar.
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