2013 Trip Flight Status

India Team FlightThe India Team is in the air on the way to Frankfurt, Germany.

Below is a flight schedule in USA Eastern Time.

Friday, May 1st

7:05pm     Cleveland – WashingtonDC                     8:28pm

9:45pm     WashingtonDC – Frankfurt, Germany     5:50am (arrive on Thursday)

Thursday, May 2nd

10 Hour Layover – The team is planning to go site seeing in Germany.

4:15pm     Frankfurt – Bangkok, Thailand                 2:55am (arrive on Friday)

Friday, May 3rd

6:50am     Bangkok – Yangon, Myanmar                  8:15am

When the team arrives in Myanmar it will be 6:45pm (local time).  They are planning to go to their hotel and get settled in before they begin their big week of exploring outreach and church planting opportunities in Myanmar.


Unloading the team at the airport this afternoon around 4:30pm


Checking in and weighing their luggage. All the bags were under 50lbs. YEAH!!


Mark Steiner, Joshua’s dad, praying for the team before they headed into security.

For current updates go to the Insight Into India Facebook page by clicking here.

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