Uganda Ministry Update

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Pastor Chris Pronesta in Kampala, Uganda shared that they had five new believers who are going to be baptized.  He is awaiting our coming to help in his training.  This past week at the pastor’s mid-year meetings, the FMP endorsed a trip to Uganda for the training of Pastor Christopher and at least four other men who desire full time ministry.  Please pray for Pastor Keith Merriman and brother Peter Stergios as they prepare for this trip.


They do not have a fixed date yet but they hope to go yet this summer.  They also hope to take one of the pastors with them from Cameroon.  They would like to go for three intensive weeks of training in Uganda teaching Brethren Beliefs and Practices, Hermeneutics (how to study the Bible) and Homiletics (how to preach the Word of God).  And then probably spend some time in Cameroon as well.  They may stop in Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of the Congo to investigate church planting there if the Lord allows.  Please pray that the Lord will provide and direct their steps as they make preparations.

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