Testimony of Sister Esther Rani

Sister Esther Rani Shanmugam (Daughter of Samuel Shanmugam) with Joy Miller during the 2011 India Trip

I was born in a Christian family, though I heard many words of God many times.  I was not able to understand and accepted our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ into my heart.  One day when I was eleven years old the Lord spoke to me through Proverbs 28:13. I confessed all my sins to the Lord and committed myself to Christ.  When I was fifteen years old I got immersion baptism by Pastor Ike on May 21, 2009 at Coimbatore.  I do share the gospel and about Jesus to my friends.  I request your prayer for me to live in Christ and all my friends to be saved.

Editors Note:  We received word this past Fall that Esther Rani has been struggling  mentally and they are consulting with a Doctor.  Please pray for her and the believers.

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One thought on “Testimony of Sister Esther Rani

  1. mindy hochstetler

    How wonderful I will be praying for you. Where there is conversion there is always opposition.

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