Update on the Ministry in India – March 2013


Brother Paul visited the church planting teams in Odisha in February and brought back this report:  Currently in Golamunda, the church planters are working in 15 different locations/villages.  There are 327 adults and 161 children.


In the area of Semala where Brother Nehemiah is leading the team, they are working in 4 areas/villages and there are now 103 adults and 24 children.

The 3rd location is Umarcot or sometimes spelled Umerkote.  Here, Brother Joseph (team leader) and the church planting team have built a building on their own and are currently also working in 3 areas/villages.  Currently, there are 53 adults and 36 children.  Brother Paul had the privilege of preaching there in their new building of which a picture is included on the other half of this report.

Paul's Trip to Odisha



As there are victories in the spiritual battles we face so there are casualties also. Some of the men who were working with Joseph also had part-time jobs to support themselves.  They were missing a lot of work because, they told their boss, they were involved in the ministry.  When Joseph explained that they needed to be faithful to their jobs and bear a good testimony there, they disputed with him.  When he would not back down, they said that they didn’t really believe some of the points of the Statement of Faith and departed.  Those who left are Zedekiah, Elijah, Sunil, Ajith and Samson.  Pray for Joseph that this would not be too discouraging for him.  Interestingly enough, after these men left, some other men came to him asking if they could join in the ministry.  We’ll see what the Lord will do.


2013 Trip to Myanmar & India

Joshua Steiner, Benjamin Miller and Pastor Ike Graham have airline tickets for the upcoming trip to India.  They will be participating in their Conference May 14-17th.  Pray for them and their preparation.


If you would like to download the bulletin insert version of this update, please click on the link  below.
India March 2013 Update

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