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Kran Family Update/Prayer Requests

Jeff & Marlene Kran

On March 10th the Orrville Grace Brethren Church had the honor of having Jeff & Marlene Kran
speak about their ministry to Jewish people in Arizona.


Please pray for the Kran family as they minister in Phoenix.  Here are some specific prayer requests:

– For safety as they travel.

– For Wolf, Jan, Seth, Christine and Tom & Becky who are all part of the Bible study at Paradise Café in AZ.  Pray that God will save each one (Tom & Becky are believers) and raise up the core group for a church.

– For the Isaiah 53 outreach in April in the Jewish area where they are living.  Jeff has six people who are willing to go out with him to pass out the Isaiah 53 book.

– For Abe to commit himself to the ministry there and work with Jeff to reach the Jewish population.

– Jeff has been asked to do a series on “the Kingdom of God” at a local Southern Baptist church.



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Testimony of Sister Esther Rani

Sister Esther Rani Shanmugam (Daughter of Samuel Shanmugam) with Joy Miller during the 2011 India Trip

I was born in a Christian family, though I heard many words of God many times.  I was not able to understand and accepted our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ into my heart.  One day when I was eleven years old the Lord spoke to me through Proverbs 28:13. I confessed all my sins to the Lord and committed myself to Christ.  When I was fifteen years old I got immersion baptism by Pastor Ike on May 21, 2009 at Coimbatore.  I do share the gospel and about Jesus to my friends.  I request your prayer for me to live in Christ and all my friends to be saved.

Editors Note:  We received word this past Fall that Esther Rani has been struggling  mentally and they are consulting with a Doctor.  Please pray for her and the believers.

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Update on the Ministry in India – March 2013


Brother Paul visited the church planting teams in Odisha in February and brought back this report:  Currently in Golamunda, the church planters are working in 15 different locations/villages.  There are 327 adults and 161 children.


In the area of Semala where Brother Nehemiah is leading the team, they are working in 4 areas/villages and there are now 103 adults and 24 children.

The 3rd location is Umarcot or sometimes spelled Umerkote.  Here, Brother Joseph (team leader) and the church planting team have built a building on their own and are currently also working in 3 areas/villages.  Currently, there are 53 adults and 36 children.  Brother Paul had the privilege of preaching there in their new building of which a picture is included on the other half of this report.

Paul's Trip to Odisha



As there are victories in the spiritual battles we face so there are casualties also. Some of the men who were working with Joseph also had part-time jobs to support themselves.  They were missing a lot of work because, they told their boss, they were involved in the ministry.  When Joseph explained that they needed to be faithful to their jobs and bear a good testimony there, they disputed with him.  When he would not back down, they said that they didn’t really believe some of the points of the Statement of Faith and departed.  Those who left are Zedekiah, Elijah, Sunil, Ajith and Samson.  Pray for Joseph that this would not be too discouraging for him.  Interestingly enough, after these men left, some other men came to him asking if they could join in the ministry.  We’ll see what the Lord will do.


2013 Trip to Myanmar & India

Joshua Steiner, Benjamin Miller and Pastor Ike Graham have airline tickets for the upcoming trip to India.  They will be participating in their Conference May 14-17th.  Pray for them and their preparation.


If you would like to download the bulletin insert version of this update, please click on the link  below.
India March 2013 Update

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Updated Pictures of Church Planters

Brother Paul was able to take some updated family pictures

of some of the church planters on his recent trip to Odisha.

Pratap Sipka 2013

Pratap & Priscilla Sipka
Pravati, Gifty, Holy Mighty, Moses & David (3 daughters & 3 sons)

Part of the church planting team in Golamunda, Odisha, India


Nihimiya Bardhan 2013

Nihimiya & Hemangini Bardhan
Ascharya & Prince (2 sons)

Leader of the church planting team in Semala, Odisha, India


Joseph Suriya 2013

Joseph & Alice Suriya
Nissa Yohova Christ (girl)

Leader of the church planting team in Umarcot, Odisha, India


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School Supplies & Uniforms

Gifts #3

The children receiving their new school uniforms
and school supplies ~ Summer 2012

I would like to say a big thank you to you for committing to being a part of the orphan/foster children ministry in India.  This is a reminder that if you signed up to sponsor the School Supplies & Uniform for a child in India we need to have the money by March 18th.  If you have already sent the check, thank you and we appreciate your continued prayers that the children would realize their need for a Savior while they are at the children’s home.

Please send the check to:
CGBCI Foreign Missions
PO Box 217
Grimes, IA 50111

The suggested donation for the school supplies & uniform is $35 per child.

In Christ,
Joy Miller

Konnect with the Kids Coordinator


If you would like to see more pictures from the Uniform Presentation in 2012, click here

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