Update on the Ministry in India – February 2013

From the City of Coimbatore

On the first Sunday of each month, we hold communion together by washing feet, having a love feast and then the bread and cup.  The children join with us and two of them have made professions of faith.  Now they are preparing for baptism.  We are also selling eggs to raise money for bicycles for the church planters in Odisha.  So far, we have 570 rupees.  We also have a special time of prayer for our various ministries and outreach.

Prayer Needs:

  1. For the children in Agape home for their studies and spiritual growth.
  2. For the families of the saints and their health. Brother Paul, Bro. Moses and families.
  3. To solve the water problem because of poor rain fall, we decided to dig the unused well in this month to get water, for the needs.
  4. For fixing solar water heaters and solar street lighting as the electricity bill is increased by the government and the cooking gas price is hiked.
  5. For our Conference in May and those coming from the U.S.; their health during the stay in India, and the needs for the travel of Odisha church planters. It will be a terrible hot in this summer.

From the City of Sankarankoil

Currently, the place of worship is part of a match factory.  So we are praying for land and a church building.  Brother Samuel and his son, Josiah, are meeting the unreached people with tracts and the Gospel.  However, we need a better place to meet. This city is dominated by Hindus and the resistance to the Gospel is increasing.  In many locations  the doors are closed for the gospel work.

Prayer Points:

  1. For the people who are reached to have a desire to accept the Gospel.
  2. A good place for worshiping and to get land for building a church building.
  3. For the health of Brother Samuel and Josiah, Josiah at present is having Asthma problems.
  4. For the kids who come to church on Sundays and their parents to be saved.

From the City of Cholapuram

The ministry here is blessed and new people are coming. Paul preached on Christmas day and many people were told the purpose of God’s birth in this world. The children are also coming to the Sunday classes.  We gave them a cricket kit so they could play and we offered new dresses to a few poor women and children.  We praying for a related ministry to free them from the addiction of alcohol.

Please pray for…

  1. Our new sewing training centre to reach women and families beginning Feb 1st.
  2. Our outreach to the youth in the village who are addict to drugs and alcohol.
  3. The ministry to children.
  4. Brother David and his family.
  5. The new Christians who are preparing for baptism.
  6. Electricity for the church building and the needs of fans and chairs.

For future outreach plans…as we are praying for God to raise up more church planters to help us reach through the open doors with the Gospel near Srivilliputhur.

If you would like to download the bulletin insert version of this update, please click on the link  below.
India February 2013 Update

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One thought on “Update on the Ministry in India – February 2013

  1. Thomas

    Reblogged this on Being Grace Brethren and commented:
    Having been to India two different times, it is a great thing to hear what my Brethren are doing. This is part of what it means to be Grace Brethren.

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