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Testimony of Sister Sarah Rajan

Sister Sarah Rajan (Wife of Paul Rajan) with Joy Miller during the 2011 India Trip

I was born in a Christian family and and learned to love Jesus Christ more. I used to pray everyday, attend Sunday class and worship regularly.  I attended many gospel meetings and conventions with my family and completed reading the whole Bible when I was in ninth grade.  I had ambition like taking of baptism, taking part in communion and covering my head when I was sixteen years old. But my parents rejected my ambitions and plans because I was confessing my sins.  When I was twenty-three years old I took fasting and read a Christian magazine.  The Lord spoke to me through Proverbs 28:13 about forgiveness of sins and repentance through that magazine and I committed myself to the Lord on the day.  I got immersion baptism on May 19th, 1989 and had an opportunity to attend a Bible college course. Now I do the work of the Lord among the children and women with my husband.  The Lord keeps me as a witness in this world and gave His ministry to me.  I thank our Lord for this opportunity and request your valuable prayers for our ministry in India.

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Agape Home Christmas Celebration

Christmas 2012 - smal (2)l

The picture above was taken during the Christmas celebration at Agape Home in India.  The celebration and gifts were made possible due to the generosity of all the Konnect with the Kids Sponsors!

To see more pictures click on the links below:

Agape Home Christmas Celebration

Agape Home New Year’s Celebration

Christmas 2012 - small


A HUGE thank you to all of the
Konnect with the Kids Sponsors!!!


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