Please pray for  Piter’s mother who suffers from brain tumor and
the surgery is over, but needs continuous treatment.

Please pray for the believers of the church and the people who received tracts and gospel books.

Please pray for the outreach to children by starting evening tuition centers and bible classes.

 Please pray for the CHRISTMAS programs for women, widows and children.

P1000415A pastor with the most recent bicycle that was sent from the believers in Coimbatore.



Please pray for the Hindus that are coming to our church so that they may believe the gospel.

Please pray for the tuition center, for the sisters, for children so that everyone will be interest.

Please pray for the people to believe the tracts.

Please  pray for our churches and pastor’s needs. Three pastor are homeless they are struggling
and trying to live in a rented house but are unable to afford it.
I am planning, if God helps, to make two rooms for them in some place.

05-1CHURCH Small church building in UMERKOTE



Please pray for Pitambar Chatria, he is having urinal problem, pray that the Lord may heal him.

Please pray that Jaganatha, Kabi, Ajodya, and Dibani may accept the Lord.

Please pray for Bulet Paduka that he may take baptism.

Please pray for Bipanjali she is having mental problem,
pray that the Lord may heal her.

Please pray for Mahendra Sagaria (a paralyzed man),
pray that the Lord may heal him and he may accept the Lord.

Please pray for the need of 40 saris for the widow women as we
distribute every year during Christmas season.

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