Praises and Prayer Requests from India – October 2012



1. The mother of Brother Peter and Pratap is affected by breast cancer and undergoing treatment,
we need to pray for her.

2. The men from Brother Joseph’s place are doing tract distribution ministry and they have built a small church in a village near Umerkote.  There are a few people that are ready for baptism.

The men from Brother Joseph’s church doing tract distribution.

3. Brother Nehemiah mentioned last month that a few people were going to be baptized on the last week of September.  But Brother Paul hasn’t received any report by mail or phone call.

4. The bicycle project is going well and God willing the brethren in Tamil Nadu will send the money for another bicycle in next week.




1. Brother Paul has received the battery operated projector that was donated by Esther Moeller and Paul is planning to send it to Brother David and Brother Josiah for ministry.

Using a projector for outreach in the villages.

2. In Sankarankoil, they are praying for land to build a church building.

3. Esther Rani, the daughter of Brother Samuel is not mentally well and they are consulting with a Doctor.  Please pray for her and the believers.

4. In Cholapuram, the people are attending services regularly. They have weekly family fellowship and youth fellowship that are also being conducted.  God willing they will conduct a special outreach in Rajapalayam during January 2013.

5. In Coimbatore, they need a full time minister to stay at Agape home and minister in and outside of the home.

6. They also need a few ministers to start Gospel outreach work in few villages near SRIVILLIPUTHUR where the people are working in Fire works Industries.  God wiling we may start free evening tuition centers in two villages.

7. Brother Moses and his family are doing well.

Pastor P.K. Moses and his family

8. The Kids in the homes are doing well and thank the donors that sent money for their Christmas gifts.

9. They receive good rain in this past week and they need more for the crops and to get drinking water.


-Sent by Paul Rajan on October 20

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