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Please pray for  Piter’s mother who suffers from brain tumor and
the surgery is over, but needs continuous treatment.

Please pray for the believers of the church and the people who received tracts and gospel books.

Please pray for the outreach to children by starting evening tuition centers and bible classes.

 Please pray for the CHRISTMAS programs for women, widows and children.

P1000415A pastor with the most recent bicycle that was sent from the believers in Coimbatore.



Please pray for the Hindus that are coming to our church so that they may believe the gospel.

Please pray for the tuition center, for the sisters, for children so that everyone will be interest.

Please pray for the people to believe the tracts.

Please  pray for our churches and pastor’s needs. Three pastor are homeless they are struggling
and trying to live in a rented house but are unable to afford it.
I am planning, if God helps, to make two rooms for them in some place.

05-1CHURCH Small church building in UMERKOTE



Please pray for Pitambar Chatria, he is having urinal problem, pray that the Lord may heal him.

Please pray that Jaganatha, Kabi, Ajodya, and Dibani may accept the Lord.

Please pray for Bulet Paduka that he may take baptism.

Please pray for Bipanjali she is having mental problem,
pray that the Lord may heal her.

Please pray for Mahendra Sagaria (a paralyzed man),
pray that the Lord may heal him and he may accept the Lord.

Please pray for the need of 40 saris for the widow women as we
distribute every year during Christmas season.

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Christmas Cards from India


The children at Agape Home and Torbay House made Christmas cards for the people that sponsored their Christmas gifts.  Here are scans of some of the cards and the actual cards are in the mail on the way to the Konnect with the Kid sponsors.

These kids are so CREATIVE!  The flowers on the card above are made from pencil shavings.

If you would like to see scans of all the cards please click on the links below:

Christmas Cards from Agape Home

Christmas Cards from Torbay House

Happy Birthday to Jesus Cards from Agape Home

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Update on the Ministry in India – November 2012

Prayer Requests

1. Please pray for the mother of Pratap and Peter Sipka in Odisha.  She has breast cancer and is undergoing treatment.

2. Pray for the outreach in Umarkote, Odisha.  The men there have built a small church building and are continuing to distribute tracts in the area.  Pray for those who have come to Christ and are preparing for baptism.

3. In Semala, Odisha, Brother Nehemiah reports that a few people have come to Christ and are preparing for baptism.

4. In Sankarankoil, Tamil Nadu, Samuel is praying for God to supply some land so that they too might build a church building.  Pray for Samuel’s daughter, Esther, who has been experiencing some mental anxieties.

5. Brother Paul is praying for more workers to help with the ministry at Agape House and to reach out to those in the surrounding area.  They want to reach out to the laborers at the Fire Works facility in the villages near Srivilliputhur.

6. Pray for the planned evangelistic services in the city of Rajapalayam in January 2013.  Pray that God will open doors and open hearts to the truth.



– The bicycle project continues to move ahead!  Each month, the Brethren in Tamil Nadu have been collecting enough money to buy a bicycle for each of the church planters in Odisha.  They have purchased 4 so far.


-In Cholapuram, the believers have been faithfully attending worship and the weekly family fellowship get togethers.  They have also had a number of youth meeting on a regular basis.


-The children in both Agape House and Torbay House are doing well.  Next month, we’ll attach some of the Christmas cards that they sent to us.  Continue to pray that they too will come to Christ; each of them.


-The believers in Tamil Nadu praise God for the rain for their crops and for sufficient drinking water.


Pray also for the team of Pastor Ike Graham, Joshua Steiner and Benjamin Miller as they prepare to go to Myanmar and India in May 2013.  Because of the timeline and flight schedule, there will be many stops and layovers along the way.  Pray now that the elders in Myanmar who have requested this week of teaching on dispensational eschatology will be open and receptive to the truth of God’s word.  Pray too for the National Conference of the CGBCIndia as, for the first time, some of those men will also be speaking.  And pray for the gathering of information regarding the possibility of church planting among the tribal groups in India.


If you would like to download the bulletin insert version of this update, please click on the link  below.
India November 2012 Update

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Praises and Prayer Requests from India – October 2012



1. The mother of Brother Peter and Pratap is affected by breast cancer and undergoing treatment,
we need to pray for her.

2. The men from Brother Joseph’s place are doing tract distribution ministry and they have built a small church in a village near Umerkote.  There are a few people that are ready for baptism.

The men from Brother Joseph’s church doing tract distribution.

3. Brother Nehemiah mentioned last month that a few people were going to be baptized on the last week of September.  But Brother Paul hasn’t received any report by mail or phone call.

4. The bicycle project is going well and God willing the brethren in Tamil Nadu will send the money for another bicycle in next week.




1. Brother Paul has received the battery operated projector that was donated by Esther Moeller and Paul is planning to send it to Brother David and Brother Josiah for ministry.

Using a projector for outreach in the villages.

2. In Sankarankoil, they are praying for land to build a church building.

3. Esther Rani, the daughter of Brother Samuel is not mentally well and they are consulting with a Doctor.  Please pray for her and the believers.

4. In Cholapuram, the people are attending services regularly. They have weekly family fellowship and youth fellowship that are also being conducted.  God willing they will conduct a special outreach in Rajapalayam during January 2013.

5. In Coimbatore, they need a full time minister to stay at Agape home and minister in and outside of the home.

6. They also need a few ministers to start Gospel outreach work in few villages near SRIVILLIPUTHUR where the people are working in Fire works Industries.  God wiling we may start free evening tuition centers in two villages.

7. Brother Moses and his family are doing well.

Pastor P.K. Moses and his family

8. The Kids in the homes are doing well and thank the donors that sent money for their Christmas gifts.

9. They receive good rain in this past week and they need more for the crops and to get drinking water.


-Sent by Paul Rajan on October 20

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