Update on the Ministry in India – October 2012

1.    Church Planters’ financial goal

Last month, I made an appeal for the potential financial shortage for the church planters.  Special thanks to Dr. and Mrs. Whitcomb, and some others, for helping to close the gap on that shortfall.  We ended up about $3,000 short of our goal.  When I informed Paul, he asked if it would be possible for churches to make that $3,000 the target of some special offerings as we head into the Christmas season, as a gift to the Lord.  With that request in mind, if you receive “gifts for the King” or receive similar offerings in November/ December, would you consider designating those for the church planters in India?  Your gifts are much appreciated.

 2. Cholapuram, Tamil Nadu

Someone suggested that I give a review of the history of the Cholapuram GBC in light of the recent event which took place there.  In 2008, David Sevoraj made an attempt to preach the Gospel in Cholapuram (a village south of Rajapalayam).  The village chief told him to leave and not to come back.  After that, David, Paul and Paul’s father (Thangiah – who is with the Lord now) asked the chief if they could talk to him.  He granted this meeting and they told him that they would like to tutor the children of the village and feed them in the evenings if he would also allow them to tell the children about Jesus.  The chief granted their request.

So meetings with the children began.  As they continued to visit the village, they noticed that one house in particular was very dilapidated.  Paul thought that it was an animal shed.  He learned that a widow lived there with her disabled son.  The believers decided to build her a new house and they did.  As a result, she and her son told the chief that they also wanted to hear about Jesus.  Other villagers voiced the same request in light of what they saw and the Jesus film was shown to the village.  After that, David began to meet with whoever wanted to study the Bible.  People began to be saved and a fledgling church began to form.  The widow and her son believed and out of gratitude, she gave a piece of land behind her house for the construction of a church building.  We saw the foundation of this church building in 2009 and were there for the dedication in May 2011.  Now, about 8 families meet with Brother David and recently 4 others have told him that they want to be baptized.

God has worked mightily in this village over the past 4 years.  He has taken a no church, “get lost” village to a growing church with a building and a solid leader, Brother David.  Recently, one of the mothers of one of the children in the orphanage got a job (she’s a widow). She had placed her child in the orphanage because she didn’t have the means to care for her. The Sunday after she received her first paycheck, she gave the entire check to Paul and said, “This is for outreach in Odisha.”  Below is a picture of her giving her check to Paul.

I love this!  They too have a vision for giving to reach their own people.  No wonder, Jesus said, “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”  Where is your treasure?  Where is your heart?


If you would like to download the bulletin insert version of this update, please click on the link  below.
India October 2012 update


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2 thoughts on “Update on the Ministry in India – October 2012

  1. That gave me goosebumps when I read it! Thanks for sharing that!

  2. Benjamin

    Thank you very much for giving the history of the Cholapuram GBC. Even though they are not wealthy, they are very generous and caring. I am looking forward to meeting these faithful and courageous brothers and sisters in May.

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