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Testimony of Sister Mrs. Lakshmi Shiphrah

Sister Mrs. Lakshmi Shiphrah

I was born in a Hindu family as the third child to my parents.  I was a disobedient to my parents till the age of twenty and married a man without consent of my parents.  When my eldest son was eighteen months old, my husband left me for another woman.  I was living alone in my house because my parents had not accepted me.  I was threatened by the family of my husband and I was told about Jesus by a pastor who visited our village.  I started to believe Jesus and accepted Him as my Lord and Savior in 2005.  The Lord spoke to me in prayer and gave peace in my heart and my husband returned to me.  During this period, my second daughter was born and then my husband left me again for another woman.  I went to my parents and continue my prayer for my husband.  Mean while I got the opportunity to serve in the orphanage run by Brother Paul at Coimbatore and got immersion baptism on May 21, 2009.  I live with my children in the orphanage with the hope that my husband will return back and accept our Lord Jesus Christ as his Savior.  Praise be to the Lord.

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Songs by NET ’12

I pray that you will enjoy these songs performed by the
National Evangelism Team ’12 as they traveled for 2 weeks in PA this past summer.

“Every Knee Shall Bow”

“This is the Story of Light” with Sign Language

To see more videos from the NET ’12 trip or past trips click here.

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Konnect with the Kids Update

School Uniform and Gift presentation

Thank you to everyone that sponsored a school uniform and gift for the children in India.
These uniforms and gifts were funded by the Konnect with the Kids money that was sent in March 2012.

To see more pictures click here.

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Update on the Ministry in India – August 2012


Team leaders Peter and Pratrap Sipka

  • Every Thursday the church planters do outreach with tracts and Gospel booklets in surrounding villages.
  • Every Saturday, there are house-to-house visits followed by family fellowship and prayer in one of the believer’s homes.
  • Sunday school for the children is held on Sundays between 7:30am to 9:30am followed by worship from 10:00am to 1:00pm.
  • There is special outreach to young people during the week also.

They send “Thanks” for the provision of the water wells (pictures included).

One of the 3 new water wells.  This one is in Golamunda, Odisha.  Thanks to many of you who contributed.



Team leader Joseph Suriya whose wife recently had a baby girl!

  • They have been evangelizing in Tarapani, Muraada, Karanjiyaguda (primarily by Brothers Laiban Bagh and Pitbas Takri).  In the area of Sankumari, 4 people have come to the Lord and are preparing for baptism.
  • A water well was drilled in Basini and they are praying for a harvest of souls there.
  • Eli Benya, who told his family that he would only return if they became believers, joyfully witnessed the baptism of his mother!
  • They are distributing tracts at the banks, hospitals, municipalities, offices and in the marketplaces.  Pray for fruit from this ministry.
  • Pray for the Lord’s protection as they are being opposed by Hindu radical groups and “Christians” who don’t want them to “rock the boat.”
  • Pray for a church building to meet in.

Tract distribution in a village near Umerkote.

For more pictures from Odisha please click on the links below:

New Water Well in Golamunda, Odisha

Tract distribution near Umerkote

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