CGBCI Foreign Missions Praise and Prayer – June 2012


Please remember that Pastor Steve Burns will become the new Treasurer of CGBCI Foreign Missions officially on July 1, 2012.  So, beginning July 2, 2012, please (there’s no way to overemphasize this) send all funds to:

CGBCI Foreign Missions
P.O. Box 217
Grimes, IA  50111

At that time, the Foreign Missions finances will also operate on a Conference year (as their fiscal year) just as Home Missions does.  So the attached financial report based on a calendar year is the last one you will receive.

Salomon met on with a group of Presbyterian pastors in Douala (largest city in Cameroon and on the coast) who are interested in joining our sister fellowship in Cameroon.  He spent his time instructing them in the Grace Brethren distinctives focusing on feetwashing.  He said that he had a very good reception to his teaching.  He also is scheduled to teach the Presbyterian pastors in the south.  His daughter Elizabeth is still having problems with the skin on her leg after being burned.  Please continue to pray for her.  Salomon and Mary are hoping to come to America this summer for conference.  An anonymous donor has offered to pay for their round trip tickets to the States.  Please pray that the Lord will allow the American embassy to grant Salomon and Mary visas to come to America.  Pray for all the details of their trip to work out.  They hope to be at the CGBCI conference with us in a few weeks.

The Foreign Mission Panel has endorsed the “water projects” that are going on in Cameroon.  If you would like to assist in helping the orphans in Cameroon to have water at their school we are taking donations to help with the project to drill a well.

The FMP has also endorsed the plan for $200 per month for Practorium expenses related to the training of 12 men in the northwest.  Raymond continues to teach 9 men in the Practorium in the East and assist in pastoring the church in Abong Mbang.  Pray that he will be able to get water hooked up to his house soon.

Roger continues to look for a new home in Bertoua where he is hoping to plant another church beginning in August.  Roger is hoping that this capital city in the East will become his new headquarters for planting churches not only in Cameroon but neighboring countries as well.

Our Brethren in Odisha were facing a water crisis.  With temperatures reaching 122˚ F each day, water was becoming very scarce.  Two water wells that were drilled a few years ago were only providing enough water for some in the area nearby.  The Foreign Mission Panel voted to provide 3 new water wells in the 3 locations where the church planting teams are located and are evangelizing.  Praise the Lord that the wells have been completed and there is water now!  We are so thankful to the Lord for this provision.  Not only is water available, but these wells are opening doors for evangelism in areas hostile to the Gospel.  Recently, the publication “Open Doors” reported more persecution in the State of Odisha.

Be sure to get a copy of the DVD “Equipping our Brethren in India.”  This will be shown at Conference on Sunday evening, July 1st, and copies will be made available for all churches.  So, even if you will not be at Conference, encourage your pastor or someone from your church to pick up a copy for your local church.

There will also be a report on Brazil at Conference by Pastor Don Farner.

MAY 2012 CGBCI Foreign Missions Financial Support Update

Based on a calendar year

Mission Field




Support Goal for

The year 2012




Received in May




Received YTD




+ or –   for 2012




Sponsoring Church = church responsible for that field. FremontChapel
1611 North St.
Fremont, OH 43420419-332-8190
Grace Brethren
2200 Paradise Rd
Orrville, OH 44667330-683-3526
Grace Brethren
P.O. Box 41
Coventry, VT 05825802-754-2363

1 Fremont Chapel cares for the transfer of funds toCameroon.

SEND ALL FINANCIAL SUPPORT TO:    CGBCI Foreign Missions        Until June 30, 2012

Grace Brethren Church
2200 Paradise Road
Orrville, Ohio 44667



Salomon Zambo inYaoundethrough July 2014 at $1,700/month (endorsed3-13-12)

Roger Yoda in Abong Mbang until May 2014 at $600/month (endorsed4-4-2012)

Raymond Olinga in Abong Mbang through July 2013 at $500/month

ENDORSED PROJECTS: Bibles; Emergency Relief; Practorium at no terminus or limits.


Preparation for entering into a new field to plant churches with Craig and Sara Noyes and team members.  This was endorsed by the FMP onMarch 13, 2012.

INDIA *This is the new budget endorsed by the FMP onMarch 13, 2012


Paul Rajan and PK Moses inCoimbatoreuntil July 2015 at $410/month

Munisamy and Mohan inPondicherrythrough July 2015 at $150/month

David Selvooraj and Samuel Shamugam until July 2015 at $480/month

ODISHA Church Planters (three teams/30 men) until July 2015

Golamunda under team leader Peter Sipka (16 men) at $1,210/month

Umarcot under team leader Joseph Surya (8 men) at $610/month

Semala under team leader Nehemiah Bardhan (6 men) at $455/month

Resources, trips, materials, etc. with no terminus at $500/month.

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