The Power of Christian Love

Written by Josh Miller

A year ago today the 2011 India Team took off from Cleveland Hopkins Airport and headed to India.

     I learned a lot in India, but the thing that seemed to be the most memorable was how God reminded me of the power and importance of love in the Christian life.  Throughout our time in India we were continually meeting our brothers and sisters in Christ. Even though most of the time we couldn’t talk with them we could still experience that love that we are to have for one another as followers of Jesus Christ.  We had the experience of being able to go up to someone, who we were unable to talk to and who we had never seen before, and still give one another a hug because of the love we share in Jesus Christ.  That isn’t something I will forget easily.  The love that I speak of was something that I saw others giving and it was something that I received.  It was something that I was able to give even without opening my mouth to speak.

There came a day on our trip that I found myself perplexed and a little frustrated about how I could have a great influence on the kids at the children’s home where we were staying.  I had been told that most of the children didn’t know the Lord as their personal Savior and I wanted to be able to talk with each one about our Lord.  However, I couldn’t speak the same language.  As I was praying about this struggle the Lord reminded me of John 13:35 that says, “By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.”  I realized that it’s not by my words, but by my love that they would know that I am a disciple of Jesus Christ.  They already knew that I was a Christian, now what I needed to do was to love them in anyway I could, such as holding them, and memorizing their names.  As I was talking to Joshua Steiner about this, he made the point that we could do the same thing for others we came in contact with, such as our drivers.  Once again even though we couldn’t talk with them we could still try to show them love in various ways even if it was just simple things we could do.

Because the Lord had reminded me of how important love is in the Christian life, I began to notice it in different ways.  I noticed it in how the believers in India would serve one another, and us, their guests, as well.  I also saw their giving attitude.  Many of them make only four dollars a day and yet they have a giving attitude.  They give to help each other and they give to others that aren’t believers.  I heard about a house that they built for a widow and later I even saw it and met the widow and her children.  They also give by providing children’s homes for kids when parents can’t take care of them.  Best of all there are people coming to Christ through their acts of love for one another and those who don’t know Christ.  I pray that through my experiences you will think more about God’s love that we are to show to others.  Christ used my visit to India to remind me that I am to be known as a Christian, by my love!  May God be glorified!

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One thought on “The Power of Christian Love

  1. Dear Brother I m very excited to read ur blog .I remember the moment n fellowship.

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