CGBCI Foreign Missions Praise and Prayer – May 2012


Please remember that Pastor Steve Burns will become the new Treasurer of CGBCI Foreign Missions officially on July 1, 2012.  So, beginning July 2, 2012, please (there’s no way to overemphasize this) send all funds to:

CGBCI Foreign Missions
P.O. Box 217
Grimes, IA  50111

At that time, the Foreign Missions finances will also operate on a Conference year (as their fiscal year) just as Home Missions does.

Afoni writes:  Thanks very much for the desire the Lord has put in your heart to always pray and support orphans in Cameroon.  I lost my father when I was almost 13 years old and had to face a lot of mountains in life not knowing that the Lord was leading into the  path of preaching the word today.  Ever since then, the Lord has always put a burden in my heart to assist others in the hope that through their own sufferings the Lord might draw them in the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. For the last 10 years I have struggled to do just a little as there are many helpless children around us.  We now operate through volunteers who can house the target population only. Our wish is to support in fees, books, uniform, clothing and medical care. As you know the program survives through free will donations through Christians like you. The program works with 100 orphans across the North West region of Cameroon.

I went to Bamenda over the weekend to buy 8 study bibles for our Practorium students in thenorth west…we shall need to buy two more. Continue at all times to pray that the Lord would raise faithful men to do the ministry and that lord should empower all churches to pay pastors so the ministry can be attractive.  We are planning to hold a revival  and prayer meetings for all pastors here at Njikijem to see how the ministry can move forward in one spirit. I’m going to Nkambe for three days to continue the courses.  Ndop ministry is still struggling to locate a public place for worship and to acquire land to  construct the church building. Yesterday, Pastor Isaiah’s wife gave birth to a bouncing baby girl at the regional hospital Ndop. Continue to pray for that family the Lord would give them more joy in serving even in difficult conditions.

Brother Paul sends the following prayer requests:

1. Praise God for meeting the financial support need of church planters and please pray for the new church planters and their needs.

2. Praise God who enabled us to launch the Bicycle Project and the first bicycle was donated by Paul’s family to Lakpati Sipka.  The Coimbatore church has raise INR  2000.00 ($40 American dollars) for the second one.

3. Pray for Brother Junas and other new church planters as the need of drinking water is increasing in Odisha.  Pray that the organization which is planning to drill in Odisha will get started soon.

4. Pray concerning the problems caused by a terrorist group called Maoists.  They recently kidnapped a Christian District Collector in Chattisgarh state which is close to Odisha.  If we want to go to Odisha, we have to land atRAIPURairport which is the capital of Chattisgarh state.  They have yet to also release an Italian tourist who was abducted more than a month ago.

5. The churches are praying that the Lord will raise up 2 more church planters (a team) to plant a church in southern Tamil Nadu in the area of Sivakasi – Srivilliputhur.

APRIL 2012 CGBCI Foreign Missions Financial Support Update

Based on a calendar year

Mission Field




Support Goal for

The year 2012




Received in April




Received YTD




+ or –   for 2012




Sponsoring Church = church responsible for that field. Fremont Chapel
1611 North St.
Fremont,OH 43420419-332-8190
Grace Brethren
2200 Paradise Rd
Orrville,OH 44667330-683-3526
Grace Brethren
P.O. Box 41
Coventry,VT 05825802-754-2363

1 Fremont Chapel cares for the transfer of funds toCameroon.

SEND ALL FINANCIAL SUPPORT TO:    CGBCI Foreign Missions        Until June30, 2012                                                                                             Grace Brethren Church
2200 Paradise Road
Orrville, Ohio 44667



Salomon Zambo inYaoundethrough July 2014 at $1,700/month (endorsed3-13-12)

Roger Yoda in Abong Mbang until May 2014 at $600/month (endorsed4-4-2012)

Raymond Olinga in Abong Mbang through July 2013 at $500/month

ENDORSED PROJECTS: Bibles; Emergency Relief; Practorium at no terminus or limits.


Preparation for entering into a new field to plant churches with Craig and Sara Noyes and team members.  This was endorsed by the FMP onMarch 13, 2012.

INDIA *This is the new budget endorsed by the FMP onMarch 13, 2012


Paul Rajan and PK Moses in Coimbatore until July 2015 at $410/month

Munisamy and Mohan in Pondicherry through July 2015 at $150/month

David Selvooraj and Samuel Shamugam until July 2015 at $480/month

ODISHA Church Planters (three teams/30 men) until July 2015

Golamunda under team leader Peter Sipka (16 men) at $1,210/month

Umarcot under team leader Joseph Surya (8 men) at $610/month

Semala under team leader Nehemiah Bardhan (6 men) at $455/month

Resources, trips, materials, etc. with no terminus at $500/month.

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