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India Praises and Prayer Requests

1. Praise God for meeting the financial support need of church planters and please pray for the new church planters and their needs.

2. Praise God who enabled us to launch the Bicycle Project and the first bicycle was donated by Paul’s family to Lakpati Sipka.  The Coimbatore church has raise INR 2000.00 ($40 American dollars) for the second one.

3. Pray for Brother Junas and other new church planters as the need of drinking water is increasing in Odisha.  Pray that the organization which is planning to drill in Odisha will get started soon.

4. Pray concerning the problems caused by a terrorist group called Maoists.  They recently kidnapped a Christian District Collector in Chattisgarh state which is close to Odisha.  If we want to go to Odisha, we have to land at RAIPUR airport which is the capital of Chattisgarh state.  They have yet to also release an Italian tourist who was abducted more than a month ago.

5. Praise God for the provision of a new place to meet for the believers in Sankarankoil.  Brother Samuel requests your prayers as they try to build a church building.  Josiah, Samuel’s son, who has recently graduated from Bible college has joined with his father to serve the Lord in Sankarankoil area.

Former Church building at Sankarankoil
It was a very small building and very tight when everyone came for church.

6. Praise God for the new souls in Brother Nihimiah‘s church and Brother Joseph‘s church in Odisha.  Brother Joseph has plans to begin a building for the church and the village; and requests our prayers for the completion of the work.

7. In Cholapuram, praise God for new comers to the church.  Brother David is doing house visiting ministry in the slum and visiting youth.  The Sunday School ministry is going well there.  Please pray for a sewing training center for the widows and women to be started soon.

8. Pray for the school building project at Paruvakkudi village where the Brethren missionaries served the Lord in early 1900 and established this primary school.

9. Brother Paul and Brother P.K. Moses have each moved to new housing locations this month. Please continue to pray for the work of the Lord in Coimbatore and their families.

10. Praise God for His grace upon the children in Torbay House and in Agape Home.  A generator shed is being built to house a generator as we have power cuts for more than 10 hours in a day.  The kids completed this academic year and will have summer holidays now.

We thank you, the saints in the USA for the prayers, love and generosity to serve the Lord in our country.  We thank all the fellowship churches for their support and kindness.

In Christ,
Paul Rajan

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CGBCI Foreign Missions Praise and Prayer – April 2012


First, the Foreign Mission Panel and our Fellowship wish to say “Thank You” to Brother George Breneman for many years of faithful and meticulous service in handling the finances of CGBCI Foreign Missions.  Thank you, George!

Secondly, we wish to say “Welcome Aboard!” to Pastor Steve Burns who will become the new Treasurer of CGBCI Foreign Missions officially on July 1, 2012.  So, beginningJuly 2, 2012, please (there’s no way to overemphasize this) send all funds to:

CGBCI Foreign Missions
P.O. Box217
Grimes, IA  50111

At that time, the Foreign Missions finances will also operate on a Conference year (as their fiscal year) just as Home Missions does.  Thirdly, at the March 13, 2012 meeting of the Foreign Mission Panel in Gibsonburg, Ohio, financial plans were endorsed which are listed on the other sheet of this update.  Please notice the increase in budgets.  We are asking the Lord to work mightily through His people to meet these goals for the next 3 years.  Please pray with us and give as the Lord prospers you.

Continuing with updates regarding finances, the written plan for Salomon was endorsed by the FMP on March 13, 2012.  This included a sizable increase in financial support because of costs inYaounde.  Funds were also advanced to him to procure housing and a place for the church to meet.  Funds to help secure a place for the church to meet are limited to one year.  His new budget includes food, rent, schooling for the children, water, transportation, utilities, phone, medical and clothing.

The updated written plan for India was endorsed by the FMP.  This includes 3 teams in 3 different locations of 30 men to do church planting in the State of Odisha.  Please see the other sheet for the financial breakdown.  However, the FMP decided that we would no longer increase support forIndia.  From this point on, the church there will need to support each new worker who is raised up from within or who joins the group.  There are sufficient resources for this to take place now.  Some of the increase for the current needs includes water wells.  The churches there have determined to raise funds to buy each church planter a bicycle.  They are calling it “A bike a month.”  See updates and pictures at

Craig and Sara Noyes presented a written plan already endorsed by the Irasburg GBC.  Consequently, their new budget appears on the other sheet as well.  They plan to move to Gibsonburg, Ohio in August of this year to finish Practorium and to begin visiting churches in theMidwest.  Then, in the fall of 2013, they plan to enter the Missionary Training Center of New Tribes.  You can follow them at

The FMP has received a request from Myanmar to “come over and help us.”  Pastor Ike Graham will be visiting there in May of 2013 to talk to them about their interest and why they wish to partner with us.  The leader of the church there, Aung Kyaw Moe, visited Pastor Graham at his home in November 2011 after they had been corresponding by e-mail for 7-8 months regarding the CGBCI Statement of Faith.

MARCH 2012 CGBCI Foreign Missions Financial Support Update

Based on a calendar year

Mission Field




Support Goal for

The year 2012




Received in March




Received YTD




+ or –   for 2012




Sponsoring Church = church responsible for that field. FremontChapel
1611 North St.
Fremont,OH 43420


Grace Brethren
2200 Paradise Rd
Orrville,OH 44667


Grace Brethren
P.O. Box41
Coventry,VT 05825


1 Fremont Chapel cares for the transfer of funds to Cameroon.

SEND ALL FINANCIAL SUPPORT TO:    CGBCI Foreign Missions               Until June 30, 2012
Grace Brethren Church
2200 Paradise Road
Orrville, Ohio 44667


Salomon Zambo inYaoundethrough July 2014 at $1,700/month (endorsed3-13-12)
Roger Yoda in Abong Mbang until May 2014 at $600/month (endorsed4-4-2012)
Raymond Olinga in Abong Mbang through July 2013 at $500/month
ENDORSED PROJECTS: Bibles; Emergency Relief; Practorium at no terminus or limits.

Preparation for entering into a new field to plant churches with Craig and Sara Noyes and team members.  This was endorsed by the FMP onMarch 13, 2012.

INDIA *This is the new budget endorsed by the FMP on March 13, 2012

Paul Rajan and PK Moses in Coimbatore until July 2015 at $410/month
Munisamy and Mohan in Pondicherry through July 2015 at $150/month
David Selvooraj and Samuel Shamugam until July 2015 at $480/month

ODISHA Church Planters (three teams/30 men) until July 2015
Golamunda under team leader Peter Sipka (16 men) at $1,210/month
Umarcot under team leader Joseph Surya (8 men) at $610/month
Semala under team leader Nehemiah Bardhan (6 men) at $455/month

Resources, trips, materials, etc. with no terminus at $500/month.

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Creative Money Raising in India

A couple months ago, it was decided that it would be helpful for each of the church planters in the state of Odisha to have a bicycle for transportation.  The brethren from the state of Tamil Nadu decided to take on this project and are working to raise money to buy a bicycle for each of the church planters in the state of Odisha.  They had an idea to sell coconuts and other vegetables that are grown on the grounds at the orphanage. (see pictures)

So far the church in Tamil Nadu has raised enough money to buy one bicycle for Lakati Sipka and they have raised INR 2000 ($40 American Dollars) to go towards the next bike.  They have raised this money through auctions of coconuts and drumsticks (a vegetable  of India).

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Lessons God taught me in India

Written by Joshua Steiner

I am so grateful to God for the time that I had the privilege of spending in India. As the days continue to pass, marking the time since I returned from India, it can be easy to forget the many lessons that God taught me while I was over there.  Everything from, learning about myself and the pride that can sneak in so easily without even notifying me that it is there; to the importance of demonstrating love to everyone with whom I have contact. God also reinforced the desire that He has given me to teach His Word to people no matter what the age, social status, or color of their skin.

One of the biggest lessons that He taught me, that I trust I will never forget, is that the people in India, and around the world for that matter, are human beings just like us. They have the same kind of thoughts and desires. Though they may do some things a little different, eat different food and have different customs, they are still people who God loves and desires to save. There was never a specific time that this lesson “hit me.” Instead God slowly opened my eyes as I interacted with people and observed the thousands, upon thousands of people that surrounded me.

Even here in the States it can be so easy to look at crowds of people and just see them as a group of human beings; however, I believe that God wants us to look at all the people around us as He looks at them. When God sees people, He sees men and women, boys and girls who all possess a soul. Each one of these people will either spend eternity in heaven with Him, or in hell suffering punishment forever. Is this how I see people?

I wish that I could say that when I was in India this is all I thought about as I looked at the thousands of people around me, but that was not the case. There were a couple times when those thoughts did come in my head; and when they did, I was sobered. I was burdened for the millions of people around the world and even in our backyard who need the Lord. Paul asks in Romans 10:14-15 “How then will they call on Him in whom they have not believe? How will they believe in Him whom they have not hear? And how will they hear without a preacher? How will they preach unless they are sent? Just as it is written ‘How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news of good things!’” I am called by God to tell these people. Paul says that we are ambassadors for Christ. We have the privilege of going and telling the Good News: “He made Him who knew no sin to be sin on our behalf, so that we might become the righteousness of God in Him” (2 Cor. 5:21). Each one of us, as a follower of Christ, is to share Christ with those around us. Many of us will never go to a foreign country to share Christ, but we still have the responsibility right now where we are living.

God taught me this lesson, but I am still learning it. I do not always see people as God sees them. I do not always share Christ with them when I am given the opportunity. My prayer is that God would continue to work in my heart, giving me a burden and a passion for the lost souls around me. My prayer is that when I look at people, I do not just see faces, but I see souls for whom Christ died to save. I pray that God would do the same work in your heart as well. God can teach us lessons when we travel 8,000 miles to India; and He can also teach us lessons from the comfort of our own home. Will you join with me in surrendering to God’s will in our lives as He works through us?

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Mission Possible Conference Presentation

Hope you enjoy this Mission Presentation from the past.

Presented on CGBCI Conference Mission Night in 2005.

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