CGBCI Foreign Missions Praise and Prayer – March 2012

Since the Cameroon team has returned, we have received the following updates:  Salomon, Raymond and Roger are planning to meet with a group of Presbyterian pastors in the south to discuss their interest in becoming part of the Grace Brethren Fellowship in Cameroon.  Pastor Les and Pastor Keith had an opportunity, before they left, to share with some of these men our distinctives (trine immersion and three fold communion) and they seemed receptive to learning the truth.  Pray that Salomon and Raymond and Roger will have wisdom as they continue this discussion with these men.  They are also interested in the Practorium ministry that is going on in Abong Mbang.  Some of the Presbyterian men want further training.

Roger shared that 4 new believers were baptized.  He also shared that two men in the prison had been saved through the ministry of the team when they were in Cameroon.  Praise the Lord!

Salomon shared that Elizabeth’s 2nd degree burns are still not healed yet. Her right hand and part of her foot has healed, but some other parts were burned very seriously.   Please continue to pray for her.  Pray that there will not be any long term scarring.

Salomon also shared that their little house is no longer big enough to contain the group that is coming on Sunday’s they need to find a neutral place to meet.

Please pray for the Lord to provide a meeting place for the church inYaounde.  He also shared that they have water just about every day now at midnight (not during the day when they really need it) so they still must fill all the containers in the middle of the night.

Dr. Yannik called Pastor Keith from Nkambe (the new bible study in the northwest) and shared that they are continuing to meet and reach out in that city.  Please pray for people to be saved and a solid church would be planted in that city.

We have received no further word regarding Junas and the situation involving the threat of the Hindu extremists.  Please continue to pray for the men in Odisha.

We are thrilled to learn that “Operation Blessing,” a Christian organization which drills water wells worldwide has plans to drill in the State of Odishain Indiabeginning this April.  We were led, obviously, to contact them and when they found out that we are interested in helping with the project, they told us that they will drill where we direct them to!  What an amazing God we have!  Now, this is a real answer to prayer because it could be helpful in bringing some relief from persecution because when the community observes this kind of project by Christians that benefit everyone, then they also put pressure on the extremists to leave the Christians alone.  May the Lord use these things for His glory and the expansion of the church in this needy area.  Pray for the Foreign Mission Panel as they consider this project at their meeting in Gibsonburg, Ohioon Tuesday, March 13th.

Special thanks to Joy Miller for creating a web site regarding the work inIndiaand a pictorial history.  You can access it at:

Craig and Sara Noyes have a web site where you can follow their preparation for church planting.  It is

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