2011 India Trip Movies

Pastor Ike Graham, Joshua Steiner, Josh Miller, Joy Miller and Ladeen Cover traveled to India in May 2011 to be a part of the national CGBCIndia conference, visit the different church planting locations and assist with the orphanage ministry.

Click on the links below to see movies from that trip.

Video tour of Joy & Ladeen’s room at the orphanage

“Happy, Happy Welcome to You”
The children at Agape Home singing “Happy, Happy Welcome to You” in English as the 2011 team arrived. It was a great welcome to India!

The Days of Creation Lesson
They taught the children about the days of creation. By the end of it the children knew them so well that they could respond to what was created on what day without it having to be interpreted into Tamil. They were very quick learners.

Worship during the Practorium Classes
There were more than 3 languages represented at the practorium classes. So each session they would have at least one song in Tamil, Odia and English. This is the believers from Tamil Tadu singing in Tamil. So if you were wondering, that is why not everyone is singing, because they couldn’t all speak Tamil.

Worship and Morning Devotions at Agape Home
Every morning the house mother Grace would bang the big drum and all the children would come into the main meeting room for Worship and Devotions.

Josh Miller’s Testimony
Josh Miller giving his testimony through Paul, our interpreter.

“Sing Hallelujah to the Lord”
Jennifer wanted to learn how to sing the girl’s part on “Sing Hallelujah to the Lord” in English. Josh would sing the guys part and Jennifer would sing with Joy on the girls part until she learned it. Here is a video of her singing with Josh before we left the orphanage.

“I Have Decided to Follow Jesus” in Tamil
The kids singing “I Have Decided to Follow Jesus” in Tamil.

Blanket Making Day at Torbay House
They took blankets along for each of the children in the orphanages. The children helped knot the tassels on the blankets. This is at the orphanage in the south, Torbay House.

Agape Home Tour – Part 1
Agape Home Tour – Part 2
Tour of Agape Home Orphanage in Coimbatore,India. Recorded by the 2011 India Trip Team – May 2011.

“Praise Him!  Praise Him!” in the dark w/flashlights
They gave each of the children at Agape Home a little flashlight and then went out in the dark and sang while they waved their flashlights. The children knew this song in English.

“You are My King”
The 2011 India Team singing for one of the evening programs. There were 3 languages represented at the week of classes. There was usually at least one song in each language.

“Praise Him!  Praise Him!”
The children learned this song in English to sing for the 2011Indiateam when they got there.

Bible Lesson at Agape Home
Joshua teaching a lesson to the children at Agape Home with Gilbert interpreting.

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