Konnect with the Kids Ministry

“Konnect with the Kids” is a program to give a gift or needed items to orphans and foster care children inIndiawho are associated with the church planting ministries.  The foster care ministry is a great opportunity to share the gospel with children inIndia.  Their parents also hear the gospel when they come to visit their children.  We know of at least one mother who believed after hearing the gospel at the church services when she would come to visit her child.

We send money to buy gifts/needed items for the children 3 times a year.  A Christmas gift, a Clothing gift, and School supplies/uniform.

If you have any questions or are interested in being a part of this program please contact Joy Miller at OrrvilleGrace@gmail.com

Click here to see pictures of the 2011 Christmas Celebration at Agape Home.

This past Christmas the children at Agape Home made Christmas cards and sent them to be given to the person that sponsored their Christmas gift.

Click  here to see pictures of the cards they made.

India Foster Care/Orphan Ministry Explanation

Most of the children cared for by our Brethren inIndiahave at least one parent.  We call this kind of ministry “foster care.”  Very few of the children are orphans.  Most of the children in foster care are under the care of our Brethren 4-5 years.  Interestingly, 90% of this kind of ministry inIndiais carried out by Christians.

The ministry serves multiple purposes.  It provides recognition of Christian love to unbelievers thereby providing opportunity for witness.  It provides for a need among the people which curbs persecution against Christians.  It provides the opportunity to witness to the children and their parents and to teach the Bible to both.

Consequently, your involvement in this ministry goes well beyond a specific child.  In fact, you may only be able to help a specific child 4-5 years.  However, continued involvement in this ministry provides opportunities for witness to many.  Thank you for participating.

Click here to see pictures of the children at Agape Home that were taken by the 2011 India Trip Team.

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