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Baptisms in the Bay of Bengal

January 13, 2012

9 men requested Baptism after hearing the teaching on trine immersion during the Practorium classes.
They were baptized by Pastor Ike and the leader from their district.

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Josiah’s Graduation from Bible College

Josiah Shanmugam, son of endorsed church planter Samuel Shanmugam, graduated from Bible College on Saturday, March 24th.  Josiah feels that the Lord is calling him to be a pastor and this is another step towards that goal.  Please pray for him as he plans to join his father in the church planting ministry in Southern Tamil Nadu.

Josiah’s Graduation Pictures

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Josiah’s Shanmugam’s Graduation from Bible School

Josiah Shanmugam, son of endorsed church planter Samuel Shanmugam, is graduating from Bible College on Saturday, March 24th.   Josiah feels that the Lord is calling him to be a pastor and this is another step towards that goal.  Please pray for him as he plans to join his father in the church planting ministry in Southern Tamil Nadu.

Joshua Steiner, Josiah and Josh Miller during the 2011 India Trip

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What Can I do?

Some of you may think, “I am too old/young to go to the mission field
or I don’t have enough money to make a difference in missions.”

So, what can I do to spread the Gospel in other nations?

If you have ever thought that, than this song is for you, “I Can Pray”.

Enjoy this song as the Dove Brothers challenge us to spend time in prayer.

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A Giving Heart

Written on December 11, 2011

I was very humbled as 3 young girls from church came up to me this morning. They each said they wanted to give part of the money their grandparents gave them for their Christmas present to “their” girls in India. Tears welled up in my eyes as I thought about how giving these young girls were. They had each sacrificed a good chunk of their Christmas gift for girls they have never met. I started to think of everything we have here in the USA and how we still want more. These little girls are a great example of a giving heart to all of us. So what are you willing to give to the Lord this Christmas? – Joy Miller

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2012 India Trip Pictures & Movies

We pray that you will enjoy seeing pictures from the 2012 India trip.

Pastor Ike Graham and Pastor Don Farner traveled to India to conduct a week of Practorium classes for the men from the state of Odisha.

Click on the links below to see pictures and movies from the trip:

2012 India Trip Album – Pictures

Baptisms in the Bay of Bengal – Movie

Meal Time – Movie
Pastor Ike gives a little tour of meal time and explains what they are eating.

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2012 India Trip Report

Pastors Ike Graham and Don Farner met with 30 men from Odisha (formerly Orissa) January 9-14, 2012.  Seven of the 30 are CGBCI endorsed church planters in India. The other 23 are men who have come to Christ recently, or have joined the endorsed church planters.  One of the men is leading a Lutheran church. However, he wanted to come and hear the Bible teaching. Of the 23 newer men, 12 of them had been baptized in May of 2011 in Coimbatore. On Friday, January 13, 2012, 9 of the men who attended this Practorium requested baptism after learning about trine immersion. Two other men also want to receive trine immersion, but chose to receive baptism after returning home so that their families could observe.

Pastors Ike Graham and Don Farner covered the topics of baptism, communion, the church, salvation, prophetic themes, and the Bible. There was a lot of discussion regarding related questions which the men asked. Near the end of the week, we spent time discussing what it means to be a Fellowship of Churches. We exhorted the men to commit to their own Fellowship based on common belief (doctrine), common mission (church planting), Fellowship and the same hermeneutic. It was exciting to hear their plans as they committed themselves to each other and to working together to plant churches in Odisha. The three team leaders, Nehemiah Bardhan, Joseph Surya and Peter Sipka were all presented with DVD players so that they can begin their own Practoriums and continue teaching the other men who are working with them. Dr. Whitcomb had provided a number of Theology courses which the men will use to teach the other men as 2 Timothy 2:2 commands us.

We were made keenly aware of the persecution in Odisha which reached its height in 2008. Coverage of this persecution was given by “Voice of the Martyrs” and “Open Doors.” Brother Nehemiah shared with us that during that time, his sister and brother-in-law’s house was burned to the ground and his uncle was burned alive. He was also threatened, but said, “If I die a natural death, only my family will know. But if you kill me, the villages will know, the state will know and the nation will know.” God protected him and his family.

One of my personal highlights came during one of the teaching sessions. There was considerable discussion over a particular issue. The room became quite noisy as men were engaged in talking to each other. It almost seemed like an Acts 19:32 situation. I called for a “time out” and asked someone to read Proverbs 18:13. As the men heard the verse, they became completely quiet.  Then I asked for someone to read James 1:19. There was a period of silence after this verse was read. I was so impressed because of their respect for the word of God. After that, we had complete order and very orderly discussions. May all of God’s people have such high regard and obedience to His word, amen?

With the rapid forming of CGBCI (Conservative Grace Brethren Churches of India), our role will be changing.  More information will be sent about this later. I would also like to mention that since we were with our Brethren in May 2011, the church (total number of believers) has increased by over 100. Praise the Lord!  Continue to pray for our Brethren in India.

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2012 India DVD Taping Day ~ Pictures and Bloopers

On January 28, 2012 some of the former India team members gathered to record video footage to be used for a DVD about the CGBCI mission work in India.  This DVD will be shown at the CGBCI National Conference on Mission Night (July 1st) and will be distributed to churches and individuals who want to learn more about the work in India.  Here is a sneak peak into taping day through pictures and video bloopers.

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CGBCI Foreign Missions Praise and Prayer – March 2012

Since the Cameroon team has returned, we have received the following updates:  Salomon, Raymond and Roger are planning to meet with a group of Presbyterian pastors in the south to discuss their interest in becoming part of the Grace Brethren Fellowship in Cameroon.  Pastor Les and Pastor Keith had an opportunity, before they left, to share with some of these men our distinctives (trine immersion and three fold communion) and they seemed receptive to learning the truth.  Pray that Salomon and Raymond and Roger will have wisdom as they continue this discussion with these men.  They are also interested in the Practorium ministry that is going on in Abong Mbang.  Some of the Presbyterian men want further training.

Roger shared that 4 new believers were baptized.  He also shared that two men in the prison had been saved through the ministry of the team when they were in Cameroon.  Praise the Lord!

Salomon shared that Elizabeth’s 2nd degree burns are still not healed yet. Her right hand and part of her foot has healed, but some other parts were burned very seriously.   Please continue to pray for her.  Pray that there will not be any long term scarring.

Salomon also shared that their little house is no longer big enough to contain the group that is coming on Sunday’s they need to find a neutral place to meet.

Please pray for the Lord to provide a meeting place for the church inYaounde.  He also shared that they have water just about every day now at midnight (not during the day when they really need it) so they still must fill all the containers in the middle of the night.

Dr. Yannik called Pastor Keith from Nkambe (the new bible study in the northwest) and shared that they are continuing to meet and reach out in that city.  Please pray for people to be saved and a solid church would be planted in that city.

We have received no further word regarding Junas and the situation involving the threat of the Hindu extremists.  Please continue to pray for the men in Odisha.

We are thrilled to learn that “Operation Blessing,” a Christian organization which drills water wells worldwide has plans to drill in the State of Odishain Indiabeginning this April.  We were led, obviously, to contact them and when they found out that we are interested in helping with the project, they told us that they will drill where we direct them to!  What an amazing God we have!  Now, this is a real answer to prayer because it could be helpful in bringing some relief from persecution because when the community observes this kind of project by Christians that benefit everyone, then they also put pressure on the extremists to leave the Christians alone.  May the Lord use these things for His glory and the expansion of the church in this needy area.  Pray for the Foreign Mission Panel as they consider this project at their meeting in Gibsonburg, Ohioon Tuesday, March 13th.

Special thanks to Joy Miller for creating a web site regarding the work inIndiaand a pictorial history.  You can access it at:

Craig and Sara Noyes have a web site where you can follow their preparation for church planting.  It is

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2011 India Trip Movies

Pastor Ike Graham, Joshua Steiner, Josh Miller, Joy Miller and Ladeen Cover traveled to India in May 2011 to be a part of the national CGBCIndia conference, visit the different church planting locations and assist with the orphanage ministry.

Click on the links below to see movies from that trip.

Video tour of Joy & Ladeen’s room at the orphanage

“Happy, Happy Welcome to You”
The children at Agape Home singing “Happy, Happy Welcome to You” in English as the 2011 team arrived. It was a great welcome to India!

The Days of Creation Lesson
They taught the children about the days of creation. By the end of it the children knew them so well that they could respond to what was created on what day without it having to be interpreted into Tamil. They were very quick learners.

Worship during the Practorium Classes
There were more than 3 languages represented at the practorium classes. So each session they would have at least one song in Tamil, Odia and English. This is the believers from Tamil Tadu singing in Tamil. So if you were wondering, that is why not everyone is singing, because they couldn’t all speak Tamil.

Worship and Morning Devotions at Agape Home
Every morning the house mother Grace would bang the big drum and all the children would come into the main meeting room for Worship and Devotions.

Josh Miller’s Testimony
Josh Miller giving his testimony through Paul, our interpreter.

“Sing Hallelujah to the Lord”
Jennifer wanted to learn how to sing the girl’s part on “Sing Hallelujah to the Lord” in English. Josh would sing the guys part and Jennifer would sing with Joy on the girls part until she learned it. Here is a video of her singing with Josh before we left the orphanage.

“I Have Decided to Follow Jesus” in Tamil
The kids singing “I Have Decided to Follow Jesus” in Tamil.

Blanket Making Day at Torbay House
They took blankets along for each of the children in the orphanages. The children helped knot the tassels on the blankets. This is at the orphanage in the south, Torbay House.

Agape Home Tour – Part 1
Agape Home Tour – Part 2
Tour of Agape Home Orphanage in Coimbatore,India. Recorded by the 2011 India Trip Team – May 2011.

“Praise Him!  Praise Him!” in the dark w/flashlights
They gave each of the children at Agape Home a little flashlight and then went out in the dark and sang while they waved their flashlights. The children knew this song in English.

“You are My King”
The 2011 India Team singing for one of the evening programs. There were 3 languages represented at the week of classes. There was usually at least one song in each language.

“Praise Him!  Praise Him!”
The children learned this song in English to sing for the 2011Indiateam when they got there.

Bible Lesson at Agape Home
Joshua teaching a lesson to the children at Agape Home with Gilbert interpreting.

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