Yesu Rajanin “Adore” – Tamil Song

Before we went to India in May, we were thinking about ways that we could be an encouragement to our brothers and sisters in Christ.  One of the ideas that we had was to learn a song in their language. It was a lot of work to try to figure out exactly how to say all those different sounds, but with the Lord’s help we were able to sing a song in Tamil. We recorded ourselves and sent it to Brother Paul to make sure that we were saying everything right; and he gave his approval. I would have never guessed how much of an impact that song would have on people. I don’t know how many times we were asked to sing it for them, but each time when we did, you could tell that the people were encouraged to see that we had made an effort to try to reach out to them in this way.

The 2011 India team had the opportunity to share this song during Sunday Worship at the Orrville Grace Brethren Church.

Yesu Rajanin “Adore” – Tamil Song
Click on the link above to see the movie.  You will be redirected to the Insight into India facebook page.

English Meaning:

Chorus: Adore and adore the precious feet of the King Jesus
Adore and Adore the lotus feet of the Lord of our Soul

Verse 1:
Holy, Holy God
Whole Globe praise, the true King our Lord
Eliminate our fear and be the help
Adore and adore

Verse 2:
O God you offer the comfort and take away
all the troubles – the God of grace
You comforting and saving this poor
Adore and Adore you.

Verse 3:
You are powerful Lord take away all my weakness
Giving me the strength and hold my right hand
I surrender all my spirit , soul and body
Adore and Adore you

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